नेपालमा आत्म हत्या बद्न थाल्यो !

नेपालमा आत्म हत्या बद्न थाल्यो !

Click here to watch the news video part 1

Click here to watch the news video part 2

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  1. preeti on

    plez plezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz plezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz we dont want this kind of news

  2. Sumit Buddhacharya on

    what the fuck….what the fuck…..what is media doing here…why didn’t they try to help them when they needed than. now that everyone has died..they make half an hour show to sell their TV channel…Couldn’t these TV channel raise funds for people like them…Now what is the point showing after their death…Dont try to make a issue now..I hate that presentor more than anything…we dont need people like you who are selling news….GTFO of our country.

  3. grg on

    guys dont take it in wrong way,

  4. Nepali Cheli on

    Try to understand the crux (objective) of the programme. What nonsense immature thought you two(Summit and Preeti) are saying.
    Ofcourse, the presentor is right. Suicide is a SOCIAL CRIME.There are lots of supportive elements which compel an individual to commit such act. So, state and non-state actors should be conscious on this fact.
    Nevertheless, the concern actors of the state is leaving behind from their obligations, it exists forever.
    The state, having the good governance does not let their nationals to commit such act. It is continuing in Nepal because of the failure of good governance.
    Thus, we, from every sector of the society feel it as an obligation and try to resolve the problem.
    What the avenues channel (Khabar Vitrako Khabar Programme) doing is highly appreciable.

  5. A.G on

    Of course !!! I appriciate The Avenue channel. They take the news from rural part of the country, negative and positive aspect of the society. Only political matter is not news.
    Thanks Avenue channel keep it up.

  6. curvesun on

    Agree with Nepali Cheli.Really appreciate avenues channel. Its all about public how they presume. Think positive and be positive. Try to create some project to help poor people(eg productivity, creating jobs)instead of blaming media.

  7. Rabin Dangi on

    i also appriate this channel…..

    • raj on

      Yes….Avenues chanel is doing the right thing.

  8. indra on

    nepali parshasan lai ali kada nagari hudaina , ani midiya pani satya kura lekhna ra bolna ko lagi pachi hatnu hudaina hattyara pattalagi halcha

  9. yangeeeeeee on

    i am so sorry about this people but this is not the right way to come out from their problems.each n every human beings and insect has their own problems n even god has his own problems.i can understand n i know the middle class life.i am one of them but i never give up.i work hard n tried to fight with the problems.and after a long time.my bad days are gone n now i am in USA so,what i would like to say is that trust in god,work hard,think positive n one day your good day will be in your life n never give up

  10. Dr. Neupane on

    Firstly, I would like to thank you for the coverage. I am happy that it garnered lots of comments on this blog and am hopeful that it will help raise some attention from the stakeholders,viz;state, media,health providers and individuals.
    It is true that individuals may have some predisposing factors behind all shorts of acts of self harm. Beside genetic and familial co-relations, social factors play an important role. One or other forms of substance abuse, including alcohol use disorders and mood disorders like depression may put an individual at a very high risk of suicide.
    Studies have consistently shown that identification of such disorders early in course of the illness and appropriate treatment may decrease the rates. Social problems are such an important factors which interplay into an individual’s role in the society especially in the context of Nepal where economic disability is often to blame. This highlights the necessity of social support. Poverty is the root of many problems, but poverty alleviation alone is not the solution to all the problems, a growing vigilance towards a harmonious society is necessary.
    Lets now agree that the problem is socially and medically diagnosable illness, and lets renounce the stigma against an individual for his/her acts.

    I would like to underline here the role of media in sensitive issues like this. Any such programmes should have definite message that you want to dessiminate among people. You don’t just want to sell the cheap news,as someone pointed. Most of such overwhelming scenes should be avoided unless you know for sure your actual audience. Such programmes should rather be moulded into other forms of discussions where clinical psychologists, researchers and security agencies could come up with different approaches in tackling the problem. This would be helpful to the audience in understanding and coping with such challenges. Hope your upcoming programs will contribute to bringing positive change in the society. Good luck!

  11. beda kharel on

    hi iam beda kharel iam from USA my first country in nepal ok byyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  12. Nisu on

    K gardai cha Nepal sarkar, kanta ko care garna naske bullshit Nepal sarkar

  13. Nisu on

    K gardai cha Nepal sarkar, janta ko care garna naske bullshit Nepal sarkar

  14. romeo on

    hatya hinsa rokau
    thanks for cooperation

  15. sherpa kt on

    really sad.

  16. puja on

    nepal garib des hoin yaha basne nepali garib ho,nepali ko man garib ho.kina hamro des ma sarkar kunai pani bewostha gareko 6in yaha sarkar le janata lai kunai pani bewostha gareko 6in baru sarkar le nai ma khau aru le pardai bhane socha 6 jasto 6 kina bhane,nepal ma bhasthchar,lutpat,6 khai sarkar kunai pani bewostha gareko 6oi kina ho sarkar chup lager baseko.kina ?

  17. Raju Baskota on

    I really appreciate such a reality and facts on this “Khabar Bhitra Ko Khabr ma ” News! Meadia is the only one source that we can Touch and feel in every aspects. So that I must say Khabar Bhitrako Khabar AV news Television has very effective attraction among the people! it broadcast such a interesting news, whereever we can know and realise the bad and good things in our society. Inotherhands, I am incouragiously like to well-come and appreciate for Av News Television in this regards and sphare.

    Lets Concern about our country sucide notes! There is no doubt in their siucide, due to the proverty and the lack of needy, and no choice for life, people want to have sucide, But atleast, govt should bring the package programmes for the poorest people and most stop that kind of heartfelt and painfull sad incidents immediately. Otherwise we nepali people can say we are withought govt. and help.
    Next important point, INGO and NGO they should have contribute to such a lovely and poor people from their side to save their life. we should not be quite in this sad matter, we must have to contribute from our side, even from the overseas country, thoes who are good earning from the job. Lets be united among the people. lets start Now!


  18. raj on

    yes…avenues chanel is doing the right thing

  19. sudeep on

    thanks avnews keeep it up

  20. Bhuwan Maharjan on

    The presenter is right here. The team had justified the real objective of the program. We must take the lessons from all these crimes and be aware of every thing.

    Thanks for the whole team.

    And thanks for saving other people from doing sucide, because, any one who want to sucide, if he/ she might have seen this video news, he wont commit sucide.

    Keep it up.

    Thanks to @ TV as well.

    Bhuwan, UK

  21. loknath gaire on

    hamro nepal ko neta haru sabai chor t hoinan ki yesari nepal lai sakhab parna lage ko hola

  22. sang on

    fucking looser fuck you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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