नेपालको wrestling कस्तो हुन्छ हेर्नुहोस् !

नेपालको wrestling कस्तो  हुन्छ  हेर्नुहोस्!

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  1. pp on


    • mm on


  2. AB on

    we need to change our behaviour, still we didnt change then there is no different between animals and human….. even our country is behind coz of our such behaviour….

  3. deep on

    Ridiculas much much more ridiculas. I M nepali but i m shame on this ignorance attitude of my own Nepali Brothers.

  4. Joy on

    Because Nepalese are sheep,,sheep ,, sheep,,

  5. sab on

    The main thing is, if everybody knows that, the game they are watching in front of their eye is match fixing game, why people are so crazy about that,i think they are fool coz that’s only wasting money. that’s not a entertainment. In my opinion, the main reason for this incident is Wrong Game in Wrong Place , Wrong people and Wrong time. Hey Nepali bro and sis, remember on thing in your mind, if you do good to other, they will return you. So Do good Get good. God bless my country Nepal.

  6. chida on

    the nepalese people are fuckin dam as hole. they cannot think a simple things also.

    • bhura on

      nepalese are good,but due to the lack of decipline,the things goes worst,all nepalese are not like that.i beg u sorry on behalf of those idiots nepalse.

  7. nepaliii on

    omg wtf are the nepali doing omg bunch of stupid people no wonder Nepal cannot develop a bit not even 0.1% noobs that’s why nepal is going to be sold by people who are showing their behavior and using violence if they cant control the violence they can do anything to the country first nepalese need to make a strong rules make sure they all agree not than just kill or jail… as a nepali i am saying omg stupid rubbish peoples stop posting this rubbish things or video not it other country only nepal or else u are making the nepali reputation go bad if this goes no one in the country will like nepali idiots.

  8. nepaliketo on



    • S 'Kalpit ' on

      who is this m/fucker ? why you blame Maobadi for this stupid game ? you know, Nepalese poeple are innocent, they don’t kow about this ugly fake game. Je kura ma pani politic ghusaune ta jasta chor le garda Nepal pachhadi pareko ho,bujhis saleeeeeeeeeeee.


      • achilles on

        dude…maoists are those who lived in jungle for 10 years and they are now on their way to make nepal a jungle…and this is how they will make nepal jungal and all nepali jungali……f uck maoists…mtfers…

      • ding on

        yes! mother-fucker Maoist. They need to accept others existence first. I wish all m’fer Maos dead and rot in Hell.

        these crowd is full of bullshit youngsters who do not even care whatever you say. They are there simply to create chaos. assholes! get a job!

  9. me on

    yes, i watched this vedio. i like wrestling and love it. actually, nepales younger is not stupid but it’s need to be inform to them, what is the nature of that game? they dont know abt game what is wrestling coz it’s not our nationl game and we dont have a lot of player. it’s responsible to inform organiser and media. If media comment our behaviour they should be introduced at that game. plz media’s dont make only hot news. plz try to introduce first which is u making hot news. plz plz plz dont balm us. and thanks Mr. Bharat u r able to introuduced that game in NEPAL i mean our country. XX

  10. kiran on

    that is not good… we need to be civilized.. plz Nepali people…

    • S 'Kalpit ' on

      I’m agree with you bro……………

  11. shiva thapa (japan) on

    Because Nepalese are sheep,,sheep ,, sheep,,

    • S 'Kalpit ' on

      aphu k american/ japanese hero……..

  12. nepali guy on

    kasto rakshyas behar gareko darsakharule yastai bhayara hamro des agadi januko sato pachadi pardaichau.aba kehi barsapachi sansarko sabbhanda no.1 khatam des bhanera chininechau worldko highest mountain raheko des bhanera hoina.jangali mancheko des nepal malai dukha lagcha.

  13. rumjetar on

    yo video herda ta nepali vanna pani laaj laagcha, yi kursi faalne haru pasu sarah kaa maanis haru hun

  14. luly on

    sala vedaharu lai wrestling ke thaha

    • S 'Kalpit ' on

      sikaunu pary ni ta sathi…………

      • achilles on

        sikaunai parne ho ra???arumathi kasto bebahar garnu parcha bhanne teti jabo kura pani taha hunna ra?? taha nahune haru feri kina wrestling herna aaunu….wrestling ko kura matra haina cricket ma pani estai bhathyo…wtf nepalese ppl are doing???are they supporting nepali sports or helping it decline???motherfuckers

      • achilles on

        sikaunai parne ho ra???arumathi kasto bebahar garnu parcha bhanne teti jabo kura pani taha hunna ra?? taha nahune haru feri kina wrestling herna aaunu….wrestling ko kura matra haina cricket ma pani estai bhathyo…wtf nepalese ppl are doing???are they supporting nepali sports or helping it decline???motherfuckers

    • dsmn on

      ta chai k hos ni???

  15. yogesh on

    there was no any security guards ? when happened like that events ? why didn’t try to stop it, its really like monkey’s behavior. so really feeling shy 2 say I’m Nepali when I’m in the out of Nepal.YOGESH(ROMANIA)

  16. nepsydz on

    atithi devo bhava: good use of it. keep it up nepalese. let the world know nepal is the wrost place in world.this makes easier for us abroad to introduce ownself as nepalese. cricket bhaye testai,wrestling bhayo testai aba kun din yesto aauchha ki nepal ke kunai int’l game host garna paudaina.badai chha nepali ko badnam garne tyo kursi falne ass hole haru lai.khate haru

  17. nepali on

    who r those all those fucking ingignificient ass holes of 21 century to talk abt nepalese people….do u even know how to play our national games , do u even know any rules and regulaions, same like this, nepalese people also dont know abt this kindda game, we dont understand american football, that doesnt mean that we r ignorant. and this is all abt media, they just highlight the things that they thing they can sell, son of freakin bastards, think twice before u say anythin abt nepalese u literally fucked up assholes,….jerk off…

    • dsmn on

      really bro..these media people r d main cause of any violence???

  18. padam on

    Nepalese people are animal. sure man.

    • ain on

      u m/fucker who the hell r u ? we nepalese r nt animal. i think u r belongs with animal family. u m/fucker u cant blame all nepalese.

  19. pooja on

    chhee chhee chhee chhee tetro staduim ma aauta pani manusse rahen6 ????????????????????????????

    • ain on

      kin pooja jee hajur pani teha hunu hunthyo ra ?

  20. Arpana on

    I am Nepali.Seeing all these happen, I feel really sorry.

  21. tejendra on

    this is bull shit fuck up those illiterate asshole

  22. Dipak shrestha on

    settttttttttt,kasto ho tapaiharu?nepali darsak haru,jaha jun khel ma pani yastai news?

  23. dharane on

    wrestling ko rules ta thaha bhayena re sayad hami nepali harulai cricket ko rules pani thaha navayera nai hola cricket maidan maa dhunga bottle prahar garchau, cmon nepalese where are our minds in this fucking 21st century, cant we think violence n bully is 0 tolerence, get civilized people

  24. janata on


  25. holyshitt on

    m/facker thts the rule, but u dont hav to so ur freaking big ass behavior

  26. Tims on

    Chida: Watch your language when commenting, don’t show that even you are also in the same category of those who loosed their mind on the day of wrestling….Why do you guys use so bad language, why can’t all of you come with humble attitude…it’s just a suggestion brothers…Yes what happened was really bad, but also, will it be alright if you use bad words and comment? Changes happens within, starting from self…

  27. Sangita Maharjan on

    This is very shameless news to all nepali people there is no different between monkey and human being.

  28. dd on

    i feel really bad but i would say good job to the nepali people coz these people are never goin to change and i have seen this several times no matter what game it is.All i hope is nepali people want keep on doing this real gr8 job anymore.
    sorry to be a Nepali homies… (shall we call those people nepali nigar’s)

  29. paghal on

    Starting garne nepali jasleeu game lai chhenahunu layeko theyo nepali lai kehe kura janun vanera tara nepali ko halt same like a small kid,chahee junahee game hoess na har ra jeet hun6 hun6 tara afuu le galat ahhsavayata ta garanu vayena nee teu kurssi falane jasale starting gare ko theyo teu motherfucker lai bato ma leyarera tann boddii hanuu parane theyo. gu khanee manchee ho teu pahad bata jare ko jasato alghoo mahali ta ass hole mother fucker

  30. Govinda on

    Hey, what a hell Nepalese are doing? We nepali foreigner
    always watch wrestling and we love. We never see viewers
    coming to hit wrestler. When we nepalese gonna improve our habbit. Please learn from late prior prime minister Girija p Koiral. This is the time of mourning on him not to hit foreign wrestler. I hope nepali will learn to watch the game in peace.

  31. nepli on

    kasto deknu pareko.. kasto paakhee haru…

  32. suhan on

    k bhako ho yoh nepal mah……yesarinai nepali janta haru nepal banaunah agressive bhaideko bhayetah hunthyo nieee.. k garney sati ley sarapeko desh bhancha

  33. bijaya l t p on

    dimakh navako ko goruharulai kina chhirna diyeko hola tyo studium ma 1/2jana gorule garda sara nepali ko badnam vayo testa goru haru laita hat khutta banera jeudai gadnu parne salaharu lai. sala randiko chhoraharulai.

  34. BHUTANESE on

    all this happen bcoz of berojgar!!! nepali citizen are all jungali janwar!!! fuck u damn

  35. lucky on

    what the fucking nepali behaviour damet

  36. nisam on

    pls keenly interested to watch another part of Pokhara..
    i m dying to see that..hope it will be update as soon as possible.personally i would like to thanks to canadanepal dot dom..really ppreciated.

  37. Arjun Basnet on

    yastai hunu parcha kina bhane janta haru nepal lie maya garchan tara maya garne thau ma aakrosh pane cha kina bhane nepal ma basnee janta haru harak din ko jeevan yapan le garda bechealite bhai sake chan tesai le sano kura ma pane hos gumauchan yo sab nepal ko paresti le garda ho yo nepali huru ko fustreation le garda ho sadai dabera junuu parnee le garda ho malie khe pane gunaso chainna hamro nepali dajubhai huru parti ki bhane u ne haru nepali hun ra ma u ne huru ko bhavana pane bujchu

  38. phulchokiguragain on

    हे रास्ट्रपति महोदय के उपलब्धि गरेको छ ? के उपलब्धि गरे जस्तो लाग्छ ? अहिले सम्म उपलब्धि गरेको त होइन भएभरको उपलब्धि जति सक्ने भयौ अनि देशमा तिमीहरु जस्ता न दिमाग न, बुद्दी न अनुहार , न सिप भएका भ्रस्टचारी अनि रास्ट्रको नाउमा कु बोकेर बसेका फटाहा तिमीहरुले अहिले सम्म उपलब्धि गरेका छौ ? देशको दुकुती सकेर आफनै घर परिवारको व्यवहार सबल बनायर बसेका छौ पापी नेता हो तिमीहरुको जम्बो ग्रुपमा को छ रास्ट्रको लागि केहि गर्छु भनेर अघि बढेको ? तिमि फटाहाहरुको ग्रुपले संबिधान बनाउन सकेन भने तिमीहरुले अब नेपालमा हामि नेपाली भनेर नबसे हुन्छ भन्ने सोचे भयो. विश्वमा कहिँ नभयको गाड़ो राष्ट्रपति अनि विश्वमै नेतामा हुनुपर्ने गुण अनि देशको लागि केहि गर्नु पर्छ भन्ने केहि सोच नभएको प्रधानमत्री अनि भएभरको रास्ट्रको सम्पति अनि बिधुतप्राधिक कारणको गाडी सम्म चोरेर लाने चोर केपी शर्मा भन्ने अनि जता ततै चिप्लो मात्र घसेर बस्ने आफ्ना कार्य कर्तालाई अलिकति पनि वास्ता नगर्ने प्रचंडे जस्ता नेता नेपालमा भएपछी के उपलब्धि हुन्छ र उपलब्धि गरेको छ भनेर भनेको हे कु ,अनि कु रास्ट्रपति हेर संबिधान बनेन भने बंगालको खाडीमा हो तिमीहरुको बस्ने ठाउँ ओके?
    यु नो ?

  39. bhagirath on

    aba ta nepali le kunai khel pani bideshi kalakar saga nakhele huncha nata nepalma nata bideshma.

  40. kopilpath on

    hey guys y are u chilling like animals.u know dog tail, if kept for 12 years aslo remains the same like those are nepalse ..so jealous rude and uncivilised. i hate all stupid mad rascals

  41. john on

    wat da fuckin nepali people doing like dat they dont its game….shit nepalis people..

  42. magar on

    maoists… especially Prachanda n Baburam just know how to suck dick…… motherfuckers

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