बिसाधि मा लापर्वाई !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

बिसाधि मा लापर्वाई !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Click here to watch the news video

9 comments so far

  1. chinla on

    is so sad to watch this news;;;;;

  2. nirudhakal33 on

    sabai chore nai chore baseko thauma astai ho,kasle ra akhile nasta garni ho teo poijan,

  3. dani on

    i didnt know your language 🙂

  4. sunny on

    Hy G gurung,you must be gurung with (tuppy n janai) other wise you wouldnt write comment like that.Do you even know what the fuck you talking about?.first of all go and learn English then only write an comment in English other wise write in what you know and what you are which is “doti”.
    6teri 52 ko tuppy bata dhuwa aayo.

    • Dallas Cowboys on

      Sunny Bhote is here again? First of all, U are such a retarded loser. U are leaving dumb and stupid racial comment everywhere ..!! Like I said ur cast stinks and u r no other than a fohori ,bhede ,illiterate,dumb,BHOTE!! Admit it! Don’t be jealous of bahun and chetrri , because u can never be and ur race is on the verge of extinction. GO GET A LIFE > Bhote.

  5. sunny on

    yes i am bhote and i am proud of it but you,you are doti and you dotis are 2nd most hated in world 1st is middle-east.look in australia they are beating the shit out of you.look even in nepal janjati makes the image of country but 6teri 52 sale the country,janjati is the world most famous army but world most en-famous politician janjati is the world best mounten climber but 6teri 52 are the best indian agent in nepal,janjati are the most hard worker in the world but 6teri 52 (dotis)are the most cheaterof the world,janjati are the well known honest in world but 6teri 52 are the world known perpetrator.
    you know that right?.you may lie to me or any one but you guys can not lie to your self,think about the things that i have wrote if its true or not then answer me please.
    have nice life my man.(you have wrote that you are cow boy,but i thing you are only cow and indians are the boys who ride you 6teri 52s)he he he

    • Dallas Cowboys on

      BHOTE and JANJAATI sabailai naked banayera HANG garnu parcha( twice)..

  6. sunny on

    janjati sabailai naked banayera hang ta hoina 6teri 52 sabai mele janjati ko suck chai garne hola hai indian cow?

    • Dallas Cowboys on

      SUNNY GANAUNE BHOTE!!I think I should just give up skiting shit about u bhote. Coz I dont play with a shit like u. U r full of shit. Dirty,stinky,illiterate,almost extinct bhote. We should rather put u guys inside a cage in a zoo, so younger generation can c how the bhote looks like after 20 years!! Get ready for your DEMISE! YOu guys r good for nothing except one thing. u know what??u know. To carry luggage in your back. I mean bhariya . like a donkey,yak.. u know,bhote. That’s your profession and ur mom and dad did the same thing. So u shouldnt be wasting your time here in the net. Why dont u go to the himalayasand do some porter job. U Suck,man. LOSER !!Dickless bhote!! Good for nothing!!

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