सिसुको गयो जिन्दगि Doctor को कस्तो लापरबाहि !

सिसुको गयो  जिन्दगि Doctor को कस्तो लापरबाहि

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  1. Asim Magar on

    It is very sad to hear that to all of us .
    It looks like peoples life are very cheap in Nepal .
    We need to be very careful and experince doctor in this field .
    Especially, to child unit .
    Because they have not develop fully .
    And they needs special care .
    If this things goes like that .
    Nepali people will be afraid to give birth to child in Hospital .

    • nepali on

      hey bhagwan haami nepalile k garne hola? desh chhadera kehi hunchhaki bhanera bidesh aaiyo tara aafno deshko kahile pani ramro khabar sunna napaaune! yo haitima aayeko bhukampa nepalma aayera machikne taanashahi, ghushkhor, deshdrohi, gunda, fataha randi ko baan haru sabailai lagera gayepani hunethiyoni

  2. khem on

    This is real bullshit. I think the way the media avenews is showing this issue- is part of continuing the destruction of peace process with creating a break in patient-doctor relationship. This is the way the media is disturbing and encouraging the patient party to indulge in the anti-physician activities. I am not related to doctor throughout my family but I understand that nobody dies with syringe injection unless and until there is some underlying issues. I personally suggest media to find real news to be famous and to contribute in developing the nation.

  3. Arpana on

    Some Doctor of Nepal can do nothing.I don’t know how they got doctot’s license.

  4. Rajendra gurung on

    Well in nepal, i don,t see anything good 4 now. In city everytime they do haartal and in hospital doctor they don,t care until they know the people who they are.I mean ,if is rich people they get good treatment and if poor people they pretent like nathing happen.Please dear nepali ,lets do something 4 our nepal. I am always ready to help 4 my country even i need to kill some one. Aati boo

  5. ajay on

    I think Nepal doctor knows nothing. They are just playing with the life of Nepali Patient. Now a days doctors and Politician are same….

  6. samrat lamichhane on

    sumtimes mistake wil happen so plz avnws tv don’t need to mak a issue big plz dnt mak break the relation of health person n patient plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  7. hunting doctor on

    mistak ta huncha ni manis bata but hospital ma maray ko birami laie pani SAHID manay ra amma buwa laie pisa dinu parcha tesoo garay kasoo hola ?

  8. sherpa kt on

    oh my gud what a hell n sad news.need to kill that doctor.tyo parants k herera basi ra.just go n kill that doctor sala kukurharoo.kaam garna aauchha bhane matra garnu natra gharmai basnuni.nepaliko doctor haroo i know them n how they behave.yedi malai testyo pereko baye nepalko doctorharoko history change garthe sala.fucker

    • Rajendra on

      Ho Sherpa kati temi lea baneako thik ho. I m agree with u

  9. RHYAM on

    very bad news for me n all nepali.nepal ma sikaru doctor ko big bigki 6.tyo nani marnu ma pani sikaru doctor kai hat hunu parcha.natra bhaya bhomit garda kina tyo nani lai utayanan kina ki tyo sikaru doctor lai thaha chaina ki nani akthm sarai bhai bhannara.so donot give chance to those doctor’s who donot know the real pain of the patient.yo kura ma sabai buddijibi doctor haru la bichar puryaya ramro huna thiyo.

  10. nirudhakal33 on

    june doctor le birami ko laha parbhai garera kohi pani manche ko hattya gar6 teslai pani turuntai teshari nai yatana diyera marni babasta hunu garuri 6 natara aru asta ghatana fari na dohoriyala vanna sakidina teslai pani tu yatana diyera marnu par6

  11. San. on

    well, First off all before bring any news to the public the media must do a research about it. Like this news is without any proofs. Its sad to hear that the little girl lost her life…. But is it due the doctors??? HOw?? It does not mean theat if patients dies in Hospital the doctors killed them… It is said that she died because the learners injected syringe in her arms many times… Hell No a patient do not die by injecting syrange many tims but its definatily paninful and shameful for doctors but cannot be fatal. I have suggesion for AV news do not try to make masala news for attraction…. this is very sensative news and you need to have solid proof for the child’s death. U simply cannot say she died because of the coctors…. we wish to get more updats about it. If its realy because of the doctors than he/she must be hang killed in tudikhel…

  12. gurungni on

    news pani k ho pura pani nadeko?yati dekhai sake pachhi hospital pugera kun doctor le k gareko ho dekhaunu uslai sodhnu k ho bhanera,galti gareko ho bhane sajaye paaihalcha ni,tv ma anuhar dekhaidinu,pidit jo cha uslai dekhayera k k naa thulo kam gare jasto garcha news dine haru pani.

  13. mimi on

    Yea its common that students do experiments on patients in the absence of a senior which need to be stopped. I am also very much afraid when me and my relatives have to go the docotor in Nepal.Not all the doctors but most of them are really like a demon.

  14. sherpa k ta on

    oye sherpa kt sala ta sherpa ko beizat garchas bhalu ,talai ali sabya bhasa bolna aaudaina pakhe ?j mukh ma ayo pagal jastai nabol,yedhi comment garnu nai cha bhane bhasa milayera gar,natra tato ris nadekha,,,,

    • sherpa kt on

      ghada, kukur, chor, randiko chhora bhalukpo santaan.who the fuck u r.shut ur mouth n eat my shit.tero mukhma kira pareko fucker ass hole

    • sherpa kt on

      kukur sala taile malai sikaune.who the fuck u r ugly mother fucker.nirdos balikalai marne doctorli namarera k puja garera rakhne.talai kasto bhasama bolnu pareu maile fucker.ass hole,chor,gunda,kukur,chorko santan.u piece of shit,homeless,acting so funny sala, pagal kukur,aba pugeu ki alik aru chhaiyo.

  15. Experience doctor on

    15, 16 Jana birami namaresamma ta doctor le certificate nai paudaina ni Nepal ma. Tesai le yo thulu kura haina Nepal ma. Bidesh ma latest tecnology and new equiptment bhayara ta jayan janchha. Nepal ko ta ke kura garnu yaar.

  16. gentle man on

    oh no,,

  17. gentle man on

    sherpa kta ji timile jani jani gu ma dunga le hirkaye jasto lagyo akhir chhitta timi lai nai lagyo ,,i think sherpa kt have lot of experiance about fuck ass ,, j bhaye ni timi haru sherpa milera basa ….

    • sherpa kt on

      gental man bayera alik kura garna aaunu parchha ni.about fuck ass, i think u know more then me so keep ur mouth shut bro.

  18. bibas gurung on

    omg ,k ho yar yo sherpa kt ta danger rahecha kallai testari gali gareko ? ali sabya huna sika na baini ,khuskyo ki k ho timro dimag ? yo ta public site ho,yaha marne katne ani aslil kura garne thau hoina .

    • sherpa kt on

      bibas bro,really this is public site? haha.i didnot know that.wow such a funny ya.better don’t talk about my mind.i dont hv to explain to people like u man.

  19. manbir on

    lake of education,chi chi kasto asabya manis ,kt bhayera pani testo asabya kura garne ho ?

    • sherpa kt on

      kina ktle chhai bolna pani nahune?

  20. sherpa kt on

    guys iam here not for fight.plz try to understand.iam just supporting those poor family who lost their baby.iam really really sry for those parants n their feelings.we r all nepali n from same country.we r all like brother n sister.so why we r just fighting for no reason.i just post my comments infact everyone can write.so i must say,my comments is non of ur business.tkcr all n be happy

  21. pranaya gurung on

    he u sherpa kt timro kura pani thikai ho support gare bhandaima public sitema aayera bad coment garna ta bhayena ni hainara ? yo ta sabaile dekhne ra padhne kura ho ni yesari aabesma aayera matra hudaina k timro kura ak dam sahi cha but badword bolda kheri ali asabya bhayeko ho ki jasto malai lagyo kinaki hamro muluk uropien jasto devlop chaina . so dont write likethis bad word

  22. kukur girja on

    o sherpa kt parja tantra aako6 netaharule je garda paNI HUNE hamile bolna pani napaune bolda hun6 yar sabaile je man lag6 tehi boda kekhda hun6 yar yeti matra hoke sathi ho bhola kukurle tokyo vanera aafule pani toknu vayena tehi ho never maind

  23. saroj on

    o god help them.

  24. Rohan on

    omg sadae nepla kina yasto huncha aauta ko laparbae la aaru jindagi nae barbad sabae sikaru bhaya ra aystao bhaya ko in my view if he kills tht little baby who never get chance to see world we should kill tht basterd if he doesnt know wht to thn y he do tht thg …….he is sheet man…………….

  25. suman on

    Hay idiot hunting doctor,
    Don’t compare the life of people with animals that can buy and sell.Think before you talk.

  26. ramesh on

    hellow,i didnot understand wht u guys doing?r u sure u guys fighting with each other.u guys r not fighting with each other.u guys r fighting with death baby who have to give up his or her life hopelessly.u guys donot think abt tht ha.tht is weired u guys doing.try to think abt tht my nepali friend.best of luck continue ur conversation now i wanna go.i just come to remind u tht is not gud to do.

  27. biju on

    I am extremly sorry for what i heard, I used to be one of the nursing students in BPKIHS, I am also an overeas nursing students.I know the oaediatric ward very well, I t seems that it was a careless incident.The mother of the child was absolutely right, that we need to elevate the patient or else the patient might aspirate and die.
    But, I have a quiery,If the patient vomitted before I/V injections, they are not that dumb that they wouldnot elevate patient.The child must have vomitted after injection i suppose.Due to intolerence of level of drug and pathological conditions she had, the bady died.
    It is very common in nepal that we give CPR to patients at the end stage and they think that we hit them and we put them to death.
    Moreover, someone has said, that its good for rich people.Its a high blame given to medical science and BPKIHS.If u have enough money, u wont b taking ur patient to place near by home, u might take her to Delhi or US.Secondly, rich people have enough money to buy medicines and undergo investigation like xray and CT.Still, in such a bad economic conditin, BPKIHS is still provididng drugs to poor people.
    If A patient gets dicharged from the hospital after a recovery, they would say that they had a lots of struggle to pass thru this condition, but if they wouldnt they would blame the medical staff.How stressful…

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