Haiti मा भूकम्प ! भूकम्प खतरा भित्र नेपाल पनि

Haiti मा भूकम्प ! भूकम्प खतरा भित्र नेपाल पनि

Click here to watch the news video part 1

Click here to watch the news video part 2

21 comments so far

  1. jeeban on

    so bad yar

    • anit shrestha on

      हैती को दुखद घटना ले सबै को मन दुखेको छ मलाई आसा छ पुन हाइती बासी लाई एस्तो बिपती नपरोस भन्ने मेरो भागवन हैन भुकम्प सग बिनम्र अनुरोद छ ।

  2. Dipak shrestha on

    good news for nepal & nepali,because we can learn from haiti.but when it comes?date is not fix.so………anyway,all people of kathmandu.be careful and if you can,leave this city.

    • dahal gal on

      tyastari bhannu thyo bhane 2045 sal ma kina nabhaneko agadi bhukampa aaucha bhanera???????????tyatro manche marne thiyena hola.khubai janne haru,

  3. Suman Pradhan on

    jahile ko bandha ra hartal bhanda ta bhukampa nai ramro . but its very much personal its only for me n i dont know about others


    हैती मा नेपालहरु कती छन र तपाईंहरुले वा अरु कसैले नेपालीहरुको
    बारेमा अवस्था कस्तो छ भन्ने रिपोर्ट खोइ?

  5. Lovers of Motherland(Nepal) Mohan on

    When I heard the message. I frequently watched the video of the incidents. It touched my heart and make me feel so pain.
    The country, itself facing home war. The political instabilities like our country. Many peoples are there. It typically shows the present situation of our country. So, we need to learn more and more from it.We all should pray to the god for the peace for the departed souls. We must take it seriously for the incident.

  6. nirudhakal33 on

    kasto dukha ko news ho a god>katai hamro nepal ma ni astai huni ta hoina ? faripani nepal ko rajniti ra political haiti ko vanda k kam 6 ra? ani ganta le dukha pani teo vanda kam paka 6ena tesma bhagaban le hernai ,ra sahanai garo vai sakeko 6 ani ta thorai dustalai sajaye dida aru pani misin6 teo chai bhagaban le dekhnu par6 hai god,god god

  7. kamal sewa and ash bahadur bk on

    all is well ……..lets keep on rocking !!!! lets see who will survive??

  8. shree on

    Very bad news about haiti…..so we can learn more things from there.we are also the risk of earthquike. bhukampama nepal ka sabai neta haru marna parcha.

  9. niki on

    so im very sad cant see n hear so….sit dont do like thatabt our country yeti janne nai vaye kin ta pahele information nadiyeko ni haitilai ani neplalai ni giv fast n date

  10. Govinda on

    very dreadful news.

  11. bimal kharel on

    sabhae vhanda pa-helay hiti backo parewar sabhaelaye vhagwan sree pashupatinathlay sadhaeba rakchhya gardhae jaun ra audha dinma yesta b-patti auna bata tadha rakhun sathae nepal ka neta vhannay haru lay pni patha c-kun………………

  12. ratamakai on

    so bad to hear

  13. Aseem on

    Really so shoking news. Please god, try to keep the shouls of heiti people in peace.
    On the other hand,also nepal should learn one lesson from this tragic event. We do not have good infrasture and advanced technology to keep control after such natural disasters. Our political leaders have their own selfisness, what they need is chair. Are they gonna take with them when they die?
    So this is the time, to build the county.And political leaders be serious about the present time so that you do not have to regreat in future. And do not get regreat when your family members do not get good way to reach the hospital and leave the world…please wake up.

  14. narayan pandey on

    dear all,
    definatly,this is too sorrowful,panicful and unimagenable news,this is the nececity of the HAITI because re-contructed the country,as like INDONESEAN-ACHE.SO I HOPE NEPAL NEED ALSO same like destruction,re-union nepal,please BABA Pasupatinath bring same kind of destruction in nepal also.

  15. lucky on

    i prey to god dont do again with them and with world

  16. MAK on

    Erthquake aaos ! kehi 6ina… jati pani NETA haru 6n sabailai purun. sabaili.. sabaiko ekaithaun ma daha sanskar hos..ekai choti ma. kohi pani nabachun..bachyo bhane earthquake aako value na hundaia..so plz earthquake u r Nepalese the only n final hope…so plz do this for Nepal..so tat we can say with proud. my Land NEPAL.. its great..THE DEVELOPED FAIR WITHOUR CORRUPTION AND LOVELY LAND…so kahile aaune ta erthquake ???

  17. bhola on


    • bhola on

      yes i also dont like this to hear but its happend in haiti
      i m sooooooooo sad to hear that i pray to gad we help nepal …………..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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