बैठक बस्ने अरे सगरमाथा मा

बैठक बस्ने अरे सगरमाथा मा

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  1. rajeev on

    its good to listen that minister are having meeting on mt.everest.its good to listen that they are not using any sources from the country .i am glad that the decision was good .and talking about the other politician Maoist they are such a bloody creep they are just fighting for power.they are thinking of any other citizen they are just filling up their pockets thats it .so i don’t like maoist party and always hate
    them.this is comment from a citizen not from any other political party

  2. nepali chora on

    sala kukur neta haru ho afnai budi ra amma le rakhel garera kamayako sampati samji desh ko dhukuti sakap gara. Das Dhunga kanda jastai Everest base camp kanda hos.Nepal nai nabhaya pachi Everest ko matra ke kam.

    Jai desh

  3. prachanda on

    sabaie kukur mantri haru tahanai marun..

  4. nepalibyheart on

    i wish every minister could go over there because it is good for the country.
    Also I wish none of them return because it is the best for the country.

  5. yadu nepal on

    I am very happy to listen the news to solve the problem that was in Mt averest. the prachanda is nothing. he is fox.we should have to do that. thanks madhap kumar nepal zee.

  6. yadu nepal on

    and i want to convey all my bhutness refugee family to soppert for that.and think as soon as possible to live where it is safe.think seven hand back and two hand forwat.

  7. Rock On on

    hahha,,ramilo kura,,,,,but it will not happen,,,,

  8. padam on

    we will not support to the fucking nepal n nepali pepole.

    • nepali chora on

      who are you? May I know what do you mean???

  9. uttam gurung on

    hello111 dear kantipur!!! k magar haru ko aafno dress china ki k ho yesto ta vayani ho sir tie ra sute ma magar samachar ta!!!! kie garnu paryo ni ho!! WISH U HOPE TRY TO MANAGE OUR CULTURE DRESS


    Well i’m really proud that some time nepali leaders mind would work out with diffrent new ideas ,to feel belonging to Nepal even its their drama.If they really decide to go for meeting on mt .everest they feel nothing rather then cold and bit high altitude ,but i really seriously suggest all nepali politicals leader why they don’t fix their meeting on pashupati arya gath on cheeta with evey individual they will discuss there everything will be ready and each flame’s on nepalies people’s hand if they fail on their objective nepali people will decide do they have right to alive in this world or not ….please for god sake its time to say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH .any of our leader raise their hand for their fault …why you forget its peace of zone ,birth place of peace of god .how you become soooo devil each leader seems vimpire ,blood lust in their eyes ,death in their mind …they will enjoy if we suffer from lots of things,they are happy on our pain .
    if they follow my suggestion each nepalies will live peaceful life with their decission.
    Gajendra malla (gajju13oct@hotmail.com) freelance writer


  11. ram on

    sale mantri haru tehi hiu le chopera maros ani nepal ra nepali ko development huncha………..

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