शोकमग्न एउटा गाऊ

शोकमग्न एउटा गाऊ

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17 comments so far

  1. namdol on

    AVENUES TV lai many many thanks, Samachar bhaneko Yasari chharlangka gari dinu parchha, tab Sabai Jana ko man jitne hun6

  2. sanjog on

    yestai ho nepal ra nepali politics ko kura, sima michay ko herdaina bichara soja saja lai goli hani medal thapchan….

    all the things has been clear that it’s dirty politic

  3. kaite on

    lado jasto nepal lado nai kha,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
    machikni haru
    tara ma pani nepali nai hu tara pani lado nai kha chikni nepal

  4. new york on

    Tarai ko manchhe pani Nepali ho Please respect them

  5. deen kharal on

    sathi ho yo hami sabai ko priwar le padne comments ho.ke ali kati savya vhasha pryog garna mildina.you hajue lai req ho.kaite nabana chite.

  6. deen kharal on

    polish le chapa mareko kina ho jaankari dinu parne……………………

  7. khini.aashu on

    dhoti harulai vindai desd chayeko ho kare astai ho vani k hun6 hun6 dhoti ho.niau khoji rau na ,aaba epal ma gasle niau khog6 teslai testai garnu par6 vanchu mata

  8. maya on

    plz sathi comment garda savya vasa use garda ali bes hunthyo ki,comment k ka lagi dien6?kunai pani kurako positive ra negative kura aulyauna,so aafulai kasto lag6 news tesaima aafno vew dine ho jasto lag6 malai ta,bt asavya sabd use garera family ko agadi news herna ni laj lagne arko samasya ta banaunu vayena ni.anyway news ekdam clear lagyo.satya ko sadhai jit hos ma yehi kamana gar6u.sasastra galat vaye pani ya gaule galat vaye pani sahi nyay hos.

  9. Dilip on

    prahari le tesari gole hanna nahune ho.dosi le sajay paunai parcha.

  10. sajan on

    k nepali janta yai din dakhna aafno ragat bagayaka hun ta k pulice lai karvai garna nekaya chhina ? j gara pani nepali janta la sayarara basnu ramro ho ta? hoina bhana kina ra kasla garcha garcha yasto kam ? k nirdos janta yashari marna ho ta ? aakher k payo ta pulice la yasto garara ? kina yasto kina……………………..?

    • kaite25 on

      bro ahi hola ni tara khoik khoi k yaar room khile aoune ho?

  11. sajan on

    k hami nepali haru jaya gaya pane naramra word bolnu ra write garnu hamro chanri ho ta ………….?

  12. Ram on

    It is very sad news thank you very much for AVENES news channel.Simply our police forces aren’t well trained in particularly such kind of operation. Because we have lack off resources, training skills and facilities. Result they carried out such operation with out full and concrete information. There were lots of weakness in our police force in the past and i am sure it will happen in the future. If police needed to carry out any such kind of operation each individual must understood what exactly his/her roles in that particular operation so that minimum force can be used and dealt with right people. What ever the case in this incident either criminal or drug dealer they don’t deserved to dying like that. If police carried out this operation with full information and with out careless this horrific incident could avioded.IF POLICE FORCE WELL TRAINED THEN WHY ?????
    1. Why they went with litle information?
    2. Why all police went together inside one room?
    3. Why they did not have immediate back up? so they come and could calm the situation down.
    4. Why they did not cordon the building before negotiation taking place?
    5. They sould put some police force out side so can react quickly rather than locking up inside for severl hours?

    It is simple easy answer. Because police have got poor reputation with public so they get less information. On top of that they are careless, not skill enough, and not sufficient quipment. Having said that in this particular incident i don’t see solely blame to police department. We all public, politician and police are part of blame. The Government is not stable and not strong enough to support police department for better training, better resources to tackling such kind of operation. We Public are not helpful for police to giving correct information so that more easily, with out violently police can crackdown criminal. Such as thief, Murderer, kidnaper, corruption, human trafficking and so on. IF WE FIGHT TOGETHER, IF WE SUPPORT EACH OTHER, IF WE WORK TOGETHER and IF WE IMPROVED OUR BEHAVIOUR TO OTHER then we can make peaceful and new Nepal. Otherwise (BAARA BARSA KUKUR KO PUCHAR DHUNGURO MA RAKHEPANI BANGO KO BANGAI HUNCHHA)

    This is only my view


  13. sabin on

    This is really really sad and unfortunate event.In my opinion both parties tried to show their power.I have heard some people in terai make some sort of grouping for both good and bad reasons.They should know its good for good and bad for bad.This type of grouping may ,sometime be out of track disrespecting the law and follow the stupid way which may induce unexpected happenings.On the other hand police personels of Nepal still have inherited proud nature of Panchayat administration .Thats why they are not careful and responsible enough towards human right.Please be minded that human right is the most important thing.Please do respect for people so that people can respect you.

  14. Arpana on

    Everybody read this news ,so please donot use vulgar word while giving comments.

  15. kaite25 on

    khoi chor haru lai ramro lekhnna aounna vani kin naramro pani lekhnnu sale haru

  16. u.kaudinya on

    k yasto naramro sabda lekhda thulai vaya jhai lag6 ki yo ghamanda matrai ho so that please donot use this types of words again .

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