Fake Telephone in Nepal Television office NTV about bomb..

Fake Telephone in Nepal Television office NTV about bomb..

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  1. namdol on

    yo suchana jasko Telephone Number bata ayo, tyo bekti nahuna pani sak6 ni, Police ko kam k ho ? Phile bekti lai pakraune ki ? Pahile Ghatna Anusandhan garne? But Nepal ma Aja voli jasle je garepani kanoon lai palan garne koi 6ina,

  2. sunny nemkul on

    hello everybody,i would like to tell to my people that its only because of bad politics and there is somebody in fact some politicians behind it and another reasons is unemployment in the country.

  3. khini.aashu on

    jasto kisim le subida payeko 6 sanchar madham ko testai gari use ma launa nagani pashi astai ho nepali ko para gati develop vaye pani.tesle pani katai napako phone paye6 hola ani dunyalai trass banauni kam gareko ni .karbhai majale garnu par6 testalai .

  4. Rock on on

    I would like to thank that person who did this coz he made fun. althought this fun is not genune here but he might have tried to say that still we dont have full security in the NTV surrounding,,jaslae j bhaneyo tai believe garne po murkha,,it can be seen that there is a tight security in the periphery of the NTV station so how is it possible to have such incident there,,what a fake rae,,he made fun of security system ,,which i like the most ,,everywhere in nepal it can be seen that we have many police station N police man,,,and the way they behave with us ,,i dont want to remember their bad words ,,i would like to say every one is not bad boys n in the context of Nepal ,,,most of the bad boys are under the umbrella of political leaders,,so the one who suffers is normal man,,,
    Viewers plz dont gat angry with me coz i thank the man but the real face of Nepalese security system is open to us now,,,
    we all know where is NTV station and is security system,,so what do you all say ,,is other place of Nepal is secure,,,

  5. problem on

    before 5/6 day we can’t ntv in godawari area i think in phulchwoki tower some techinical problem but ntv no thing done why

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