यो कस्तो यात्रा, A horrible death ride ?

यो कस्तो यात्रा, A horrible death ride ?

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बिदेश को यात्रा मा जनछन , दुकुटी को पैसा रित्ताइ , तर यस्ता कुरामा किन जान्न इनिहरुका आँखा ! Just they need one bridge so they can cross the river instead of putting their life in death . I believe it wont cost much to make one small bridge. God bless these people .

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  1. mira on

    mero ta dar le sato putlo harayo lau na hamro ma ku ne ba lai lager chadau tyo jholungo ma ani par garna lagau tyo khola.

    • bipna on

      hernus sathi ma ku ne ba lai tyo thau cross garna lagaune ho bhane ta ma ku ne ba ko tyati nai bela heart attack aayera unko sab lai ktm lyauna parne huna sakchha… ki kaso????

  2. khini.aashu on

    astai 6 mero nepal ko chal.pratak mahina navaye 6 mahina ma badalirahani rarkhar ani neta haru ko dall kasle dekhni teo ganta haru ko dukha ko kall?nepal ma gati sukai sarkar change hos tara sabai chore ra saka dekhi kohi audaina sarkar ma.sabailai kurshi ko love aakhir tini haru sabailai ganta ko bhot bata teo kursi samma purako ho teo kahile nai bughnan chore haru le aaba fari ni kunai neta harulai gitayera kehi gar6 ki vanera kina dinchau bhot ?ganta ko dukha chore haru le bughdaina vani.chore harulai thulo kina banauchau ra vheda ganta haru ho?kehi ta bughni gara hai teshaile ta dukha payeka chau timiharule.

  3. mnbdfghffgf on


  4. lala on

    girja, makune ra prachnda lai tarauna parchha tyo jhalunge pul ma

  5. raj on

    it`s a big problem to rukumeli so i requested all nepali to do ourself for us not watching leader. we make a big power of youth to negligent leader do our work our self .than leader isnot able to leading . they are nothing for us .
    jag jag nepali…………………

  6. aswin on

    i am feeling so sad with this news. neta chorharu sadhai fight matrai garchhan kukur haru le desh bikash garna tira kahilei sochdainan. yo sabai congress le garda ho.
    young neta bhanera gagan thapa jati sukai guf lagaye pani garna hoina. timi pani chor ra fool neta hau.

    khoi kunai pahal gareko chha bikash ko lagi

  7. deepak on

    yo hamro neta bhanauda haru lai dekhaunu parcha ani ghaito ma gham lagchha ki? Nepal bhaneko kathmandu matrai haina ni……jata sukai awasekta anusar subhidha haru dinu paryo ni.

  8. Nima, South Korea on

    saathi ho, yahi ho hamro nepalko wastavikata ra dherai nepali haru ko awastha. Ani sunnu vo hola ni k vandai thiye ti aaimaiharu, ho euta sathile vane jasto sabai neta harulai tyo jholunge me rakhera 10 patak waari paari garaunu parne !!

  9. santi on

    Oh my god,what a courages the people have?.It is very difficult to cross the river like that but than also they r crossing, keeping their life at tip?.Neta who is always traveling in car will not knows the problems of people until he experience the horrible ride.

    • maya on

      desko bikas garna ko lagi vanera bivinna jilla ra chunab 6etra bata jitera gayeka haru le thaha paunu parne ho ni yesta bikaral samasya haru ta..jitera thau ma puge pa6i aafnai gharko samasya pura garna thale pa6i kahile hun6 desko bikas,yo sati le sarapeko des ma kuna yuwa neta aaye ni kehi hune wala 6aina briddha neta haru ko taal ta barsau dekhi hardai aayeka 6auni hami nepali haru le.

  10. Hem bahadur pandey on

    Every blind people easy to abusing to maobadi parti but why you stupid people did not see to other parties lootera nepali congress phattaha uml makune .nepali congress was in goverment 2046 to2063?ALREADY UML WAS THERE ARE THEY DID ANYTHING TO POOR PEOPLE?Try to justyfies that.Every one cursing to maobadi.Why were they in jugle ,who pushed to them to chose that way?You stupid people can not think about that.Iam so sad because you all have cogervative mind ruin thinking so that kind of thinking push you all back one cecade.Thats right they were in jungle for us who are in stupid thinking thay have to need to change so thay were in jungle.This kind of reason main daca indian worshiper greeja &their families their tailer.They made this kind of sincible criticle country &to us.WHO IS GREEJA ,HOW IS QUALIFICATION TO HIM,WHO IS MAKUNE?WHAT HIS BACKROUND ?WHO IS SUJATA SEE WHAT KIND OF NATURE TO HER?SHE IS GERMEN RESIDENCY.YOU ALL KNOW.GREEJA SAID HE IS HIS DUGHTER GREEJA COULD NOT GET MARRIED TO HIM POLITICS TIME .HOW IS SHE DAUGHTER TO HIM &EVERY TIME GREEJA THINKING TO HER MAKE A BIG RANK TTO THE COUNTRY.IS she qualified leadership of nepal&to us.SHe is whore of indian worshiper.Greeja &their tailers parties his daughter are going to damage our country &our life.LET see there is indian worshiper to pasupati area.prevous time to yet strong indian worshiper.when was maost to goverment they kicked out to him away &seted to pure nepali worshiper.that also stupid nepalies could not diegesed that kind of dealing they vilienced for that &paientienly they set that ruin culture .Let see when baburam bhatary was in economics minister he cut the guthi budget &that kind of budget plan to use to develope to there .They also vilienced again set the ruin old system so we all nepalies are so stupid for this country.In nepal greja &their tailer parties have ruin old culture old mantality they think this country is their pewa.SEE no win the election no capable for this coutry no qualified to tacle for problemfor this country.Greeja lootera driving their kind of leaders who are out of nepalies people thinking who are horoowa.how can they driving this country &people to the right way.HEY old congervative mamtalities peoples,stupid nepalies.Try judge it.Who distribute nagarikta 200000 to the indian people who made the enough parties to the tarai?who hate the pure nepalies?all are respenced to greeja &their tailer parties.YOU can judge is makune sweetable primeminister for this country?who made him that possition .this dacagreeja baldared harm leader.WHO made this country this possition ?who was in 2046to2063 to the goverment.Hera=e is the reason stupid people.YOU can compair these leaders greeja under slc prachanda was a head teacher.baburam phd many subject.here is the diffirent stupid nepalies peoples.Who is qualified for this country in this 21decade?India is our neighbour contry.sood is indian ambassader .Why he is politics to nepal ,why he grasp to us hate nepal?why he order tonepali leaders ?this kind of dealing do ,this you can do.ITs their country.or state.Its the to much disgrace to us &nepal.All are respence to greeja &their tailers politics leaders.Try judge it all sheep mantality illiterate nepalies.

    • Dipendra on

      प्रचन्ड ले सोझा जनता को दिमाग कसरी भुटेको रहेछ भन्ने कुरा hem bdr. को कमेन्टस् पढेर थाहा हुन्छ , अब मेरा कुरा

      Hem Bdr. Pandey !!!!!!!!!!!!
      I would have killed you for your last sentence if you were in my reach.
      i had no mood to comment upon this video because to comment is just feel sorry for them for a while cause none of them are accessed to our sympathy in this website, nor the politicians get filty hours to see over these comments of people rather than making their illegal money.
      You…the hell…..the demon Hem , whatever.. made me curse on you and your little knowledge. HOW DARE YOU CURSE THAT BAD TO CALM AND PEACE-LOVING NEPALI PEOPLE?????
      Your writing words and style clearly reflects you. ” girija is SLC pass” shows that You have no knowledge at all. Whatever maoists said you, you believed. And this is the problem. ” Moists speech to the emotions of people with huge sympathetical words for a while and people just follow them ” In reality, believe or not, moists have just come for their benefits, nothing else, neither people nor country.
      The thing is simple, if i keep quite and noded for everything you say and let you speak for a moment on your own and explain your pain and sufferings, then you will feel that I’am a good guy. And the next time, I will be certainly supported for everything I say, cause I will say the things just based upon your sufferings and modify to get my goal. ……May be you don’t get it as you have very little knowledge. Hmmm…okay try this way. replace “you” by nepalese people and “i” by maoists , then you will get it into your nerves.
      I have attended many speech programmes of Prachanda and your writing is an abstract of his sayings. This shows how easily Prachanda plays with the feelings of nepalese people. I am really sorry for my country and people like you.
      I belong to no parties and I know the country needs a change from all these old mentality people. But handling the country to maoists is not the solution. Maoists dont do what they speak. their words are really sweet. Iwas also a supporter of Prachanda. But as time passed, i came to understand how he thinks, what he speaks and what he does and reason behind what he does. Its not a big deal. Not only you, every nepalese will understand him in course of time. If media could play a better role, you people will soon discard him.

      Nepalma ekpatak so called ” ku ” garera sab ka sab netaharulai udaunu par6…Thats the excellent option in this context of the country.
      I love you Nepal and Nepalese. I miss you so much.
      And anybody ….if you know Hem in anyways, please flush that shitt away. He loves Prachanda, not Nepalese!!!!

  11. Ram on

    This is one of the shocking video clip i ever seen. I think this is reality of most people who are leaving in remote part of Nepal. when election come all leaders barking for vote saying i will build road, bridge school so on but once they elected they forget every things. Politician and goverment office staff are all cropped. They only think ghhus they never think for country and people.

  12. neelam on

    …….oh!!! really this the carlessness of nepal government. The government who made of any parties they all are corupted.They can get the enough money from foreign bank and countries but they use as their personal. such as visiting to differnet countries. so how they care of their country Nepal specially this remote village Rukum.They all are fight with power and chair. they naver care of the country and pain and problem of people.where as they are in this post by the support of public.oh!!!! my god it is same ful t watch this viedo.so it is people time to grow up naver care of government they nothing to us now………

  13. arjun on

    Mr. Dipendra, You r rea;y stupid and hell. I dont have any coment with ur poor thinking.

  14. manoj kc Koea on

    k garnu yastai ho rukumeli jantako samasya. rukumeli jantako matra samasya nabhayara yo ta all durgam jillaharuko ho. yasto wastabikta dekhda dekhdai kina sarkarle kehi pani garna nasakeko hola. ma pani tyahi gauko man6e hun. maile pani tyaha hunda tyahi rasibata warpar garnu parthyo ra pheri pani ghar gayako bela tyasari nai warpar garnu par6. ma ahile koreama 6u. korea ko bikash sanga compare garda ta malai sapana jasto lag6 tyo video. ra tyahaka hami man6eharu sabai ajhai pani badarkai pustama banchiraheko jasto lag6. hami ajhai pani man6ema parinat huna sakiraheka 6inau. thikai 6 ke garnu sampanna deshko bikash sanga hamro deshlai compare garnu bahek hami khi pani garna sakdainau. so we r very sad people.
    manoj K.C from korea
    rukum, pokhara-1, nepal

  15. santosh pandey on

    this is shame to nepalease corrupted leaders. really difficulties journey and horrible too. nealease leaders should be manage this problem as soon as possible. its not a joke………..

  16. Dizzysoul on

    i FEEL SO SORRY FOR THOESE POOR PEOPLES….M**ther Fucking Our politicians….these fuckers should be tied and hang on that rope and let them cross that river and leave in the middle of the river…..

  17. toran on

    हामी नेपालीले यस्तो दुर्दशा भोग्नु पर्नाको मुख्य कारक भ्रस्ट, फटाह। र तथाकथित नेता र योजनाकार हरुनै हुन। आधुनिक युग्मा मान्छेहरु नेपालमा बिहानको खाना खाएर बेलायतमा बेलुकिको खाना खान पुग्ने जमानामा दुर्गम् ठाउँका जनताहरुको यस्तो दिन्चर्या कस्ले बुझी दिन्छ र।

    सिंह दरबारमा बसेर योजना बनाउने, याक एन्ड यती मा दिनर खाने अनी helicopter चढेर योजनाको मुल्याङ्कन गर्ने देशका जनताले यो भन्दा बढी के नै पो आसा गर्न सकिन्छ र।

    बल्खु दरबारमा बसेर सर्बहारा बर्गको नेत्रित्व गर्ने अनी बालुवाटारको रातो कार्पेटले सजिएको कोठामा बसेर समाजवादको ढ्वाङ् फुक्ने र कसरी कालो धन कमाउने भनेर दिन रात चिन्ताले ग्रस्त सत्ता लिप्सा पिपासुहरुबाट यो भन्दा कती सजिलो जिबन सैली नेपालीले आसा गर्न सक्छन र।
    योजनाको लागि छुट्याइएको बजेटको ९० प्रतिसत तथाकथित नेता र योजनाकार्हरुले आफ्नै भुँडीमा खान्दे पछी यो भन्दा बढी के नाइ पो बिकास देशमा होल र। जब सम्म यि भ्रस्ट नेता र योजनाकार्हुर्लाई फाँसिको सजाय दिने कानुन बनेर कार्यन्वयन हुन्न, तब सम्म नेपालमा गरीब जनताले मुक्ती पाउने छैनन। यस्ता देशका कुपुत्रहरु जन्मनु भन्दा गर्भमै तुहिएर मरेका भए देश् र जनताले यती सारो सास्ती खप्नु त पर्दैन थियो। video र समाचारको लागि धन्यवाद।

  18. peace on

    just kill all the fucking leaders and kill all the dirty mind who never let our country to be on right way and progreess

  19. samarpan on

    hamro desma dhearai dharmik jatra haru chhan jun dasakaudhekhi chaldai ra manaudai aayeka chhau tara aajako eykaisau satabdima pani yo jibanmaranko yatra herna bibas hami nepalile nai votting garera pathayeka netahau aajai pani bhoto jatrama sahabhagi hunchhan tara nepali jantako lagi samanyee bridge banaudaina.
    jati aadhyan garepani nepali janta le political leaderlai vote garna chhdainauu ra ledarle des ra jantalai dhoka dina choddainan. yo nai bastabikta ho ra chirkalin yethartaaa…..

  20. Nepali on

    k garnu des garib chha tara desbasi haru ta dhani chan ni ani des ko yesto gati chha kasailai kei wastai chaina..neta harule kei garla vanera parkhera basyo vane ta kaile ni kei hunna..tini haru ko matra bikas ani pragati hunchha…tesaile sabai jana hami aa-aafuma ekjut vayera des ko lagi kei garuna vanne bhavana aauchha tara suruwat kata bata ani kasari garne ho nai taha chaina so kasaile kei naya kadam uthau….aafno matra vumi ko lagi aafno des kolagi aani aafno bhavi santati ko lagi…..

  21. prabin on

    I am very sad to see this video and I am very shameful to say that I am nepali after watching this video, also this website and canadanepal.net can’t do nothing can’t you collect some donation to make bridge there. can’t you hit the door of this selfish leaders. I know the leaders don’t do anything i wish this website will help for these poor and helpless people..thanks

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