भारत को आरोप -Paras linked to Indian Underworld DON

भारत को आरोप -Paras linked to Indian Underworld DON

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  1. seema on

    I do not say paras is good and clear man but indian medias are just trying to dominate nepal without any proof. The matter should be proved. Nepali should give answer to indians or should punish paras only after proof.

  2. sbsh on

    wht the hell do they think ?
    Even though Paras is too bad for our nation they Don’t have right to humiliate any nepalese citizen without proof.
    The history is witness that dhotis wait for smaller and smaller thing to show that we r always wrong and this is another chance for them.hell to dhotis lets get united against them

  3. Atom bom of Nepal on

    Bir Balbhadra ra Bhakti Thapa ko ragat chha hami Nepali ko nasa ma. Hey indian kukur dhoti ho Hami Nepali lai naramro gharchau bhane timiharule pani sukha paudainau yo ma jasta Nepali youth ko challange ho.
    Timi haru ko Ledar lai sucide attack gharera bhaya pani sakhap parnechhau. kukur dhodi british ko ghulam indian u will be on trash. Pashupati nath ki jaya.

  4. wallet$$$ on

    fucked indian newz channel.

  5. jacal on

    why our government silenced till yet?its too late.

  6. BJ on

    honestely,99% news are fake and only 1% news are truth…so,this news comes under,indian channel are trying to dominate,nepal should investigate in it and if paras is involve in this business than he need to be punished.

  7. pravakar on

    indian chor ho.dhoti harunepal ra nepali ko domenat garnu khojako ho. dhoti chor

  8. fuck on

    machikni randi ko bahan india muji nepal lai tala dekhauna khojdai chha.teski aama ko putima missile halera patkaye pachhi matra thaha pauchha. katuwa muji dhoti machikni,bahenchod sala gaad mey ghodeka landd ghusau kya||

  9. bikash on

    this vidio is fake n not proove. bloddy indian media wans to trape nepal n nepali

  10. yash on

    what the fuck is this what the fuck these dhotis think of themselves. son of a dildo riders shit faces, they pollute world with propagandas and are fucking idiots, goddamns, what the hell, they should show the proof otherwise will cry 4 it assholes, these are the one who is preventing development in southeast asia bloody bastards show shoot each goddamn dhoti with canon

  11. java on

    randi ko chhora haru

  12. nepali hero on

    sala, dhoti ,chor khate…india ta chor nai honi…..sala gadha haru…sala, j payo tei van6as ????? dhoti….
    gorkhali lai dherai ris nautha…..sala dhoti na topi ko holas ni feri….dhoti chor
    wast and west, nepal is the best
    dhoti ko india, murdabat….

  13. sujan n m on

    oie randi dhoti sale muji haru timarko news wala haru lai chiknu paryo ki kya ho nepali haru lai dominate garna khojchas randi haru proof bina nai jatha bhavi news bhanchas suti ra ko lado thankaune kam na gar

  14. bir on

    fucking indians.

  15. nepali kanchi on

    ye dhothi choor haru arkalai proof bina jeypaye tahi vhanchash khate dhoti choor

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