पारस त नक्कली नोटको धन्दा पो गर्ने रैछन्

पारस त नक्कली नोटको धन्दा पो गर्ने रैछन्

Click here to watch the News video Part 1

Click here to watch the News video Part 2

Click here to watch the News video Part 3


44 comments so far

  1. mira on

    sabai li marer pani des li bisso samu chinauna nasake jasto vayar yaso gareko hunu par6 nepal ko ijjet rakhna li

    • raj on

      fuck you.

    • raj on

      fuck you….mira kaslai maryo paras ji

  2. sailendra on

    purkhau purkha dekhi rahi aayeko nepal ko nam, ijjat,hamro san aajako din ma purba youbraj paras le sabai chaknachur bhanayera hawa ma udai diya.yesta desh drohi lai sabai ko samiu fasi ko bebastha hunu pardachha.

    • raj on

      fuck you shailendra……..kura bujhera matra comment gara mitra fuck u again ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,manchhhe chinera commment gare ramro natra dukha paula hai………….

    • jpt on

      are o sailendra ji k ho kahile samma tyo purkha ko puruswartha ma baachne bichaar cha huh?? chod dinus testa kura, ani tapai lai tha chaina ki k ho Paras Nepali hun, unle Dhoti ko paisa damadol pareka hun so how come “desh drohi”… ani fasi re, aafnai hajarau dajubhai marne lai ta fasi bhaena, un lai kina ni.. j gare thik gare Paras ji le, ani tapalai aauta sallah media j bhanayo tyo phyatta napataihalnu la, coz media sucks!! ani we suck too coz we beleve whatever they want us to believe…

  3. mind reader on

    yes there is some bad words for the nepal and nepalees but because of parash and some other fucking politicans family
    so i dont think that we need to take action with this matter to save parash and other bad people who is really involve in this fuckin matter,we all nepalies know that parsah ohhhhhhhhh god dam parash he was really creazy person because of royal tag on his neck like dog so from my side this is 100persent true that he is involve on this proganda. i have 1 advice to this repoter that dont try to use nepal and nepalies to save them.

  4. DrJohn on

    This is one of the best job Parash did in his entire career… Jaile pani dhoti haru aayera nepal ko terai ma bitanda machauthyo… lut thyo, ajhai bhannu parda lutdai chan… aaja auta nepali le India ma tei kaam garyo… yeslai gambhir roop ma linu parla jasto chahi malai lagdaina… Baru Parash jasta hajarau aru gayera India lai barbaad garey tiniharu ko jaya jaya bhanne thiye ma…. If proved then, life ma auta sahi kaam gardai raichas Mr. Parash… khusi lagyo…

    • jpt on

      Dr. John ma tapai sanga saat pratisat sahamat chu… Indians have been looting us eversince, never been a big issue, now he does it and unsuprisingly its a issue. I wish he could make India’s economy damadol, very unlikely though.. Jai Nepal, india chai MURDABAAD!!!
      btw to alla those who think we are “murkha” and is hurt by the news of a Nepali doing so, then for u fellows.. ALMOST ALLA US HAVE A THING CALLED BRAIN INSIDE OUR HEAD< USE IT< DONT LET THE MEDIA SUCCEED IN MAKING US THINK WHAT THEY WANT TO… btw Media sucks!!!

  5. rajeev on

    this is very bad to hear about the indian media that they are blaming the nepalese citizen .je vaye pani nepali teso garne vane india purai sakhap nepal

  6. Ganesh oslo on

    before i seen the video i became very angree with paras but after i seen these video i am angree with indian media. because they not only blem for the feck money they also bleming our whole poltical party and our nation it’s really think abele because it’s no matter paras also a citizen from our nepal if they are accuse they must have to say only the paras not the whole nation and goverment of nepal. actually these happing just because of our poltical leaders. hey weakup leader’s please…

  7. BAJE on


    • sabin on

      ho yarrrrr good paras j vhaya pani first ma nepali ho ni

  8. BAJE on

    ho thiki bhaneko ho baje………..

    • raj on

      baje is good man keep it up

  9. Dev dass on

    India ko suru ko chal, yo success bhayo bhane, aaba dekhi nepal ma pani “mera bharat mahan” bhane sunna pahin cha.
    Ok sale paras kukur ho tara yo dhoti ka ban india le hami sabai nepali lai auta chunauti deko cha, yo kura paras ma matra simmit chaina.
    so muji dhoti haru ko mukh sukh futne gari hanu parne?
    K tha, hamro dalla neta haru aasti dhoti ko taluwa chatna gaye ka thiye, yo sabai tini haru kai chal pani huna sakcha..
    Kukur ramchandra poudel muji gadha sale chup lagera base ko dekh da sanka lagcha..
    ani tyo rastra pati ni nepal ko????
    sale bhatta khadai bas cha,,,,no arguments against india???
    syabaas kuta neta ho, becha becha nepal becha…
    yek yek lai, goli thok chu muji ho pakha????

  10. Leo on

    First of all, couple of suggestions to Nepali Media, (however it may not be relevent to this topic, still…): Vaarat is a word, India uses for self referal. The international community uses the word “India”. Why on earth, Nepali media uses their internal word?
    Secondly, Why don’t you ignore the event where “So-Called” leaders speak in language other than Nepali or any Nepali language like, Maithali, Newari, etc.

    Now let’s talk about Ex-Crown Prince Paras. Everybody knows him, one way or the other. No matter what he is and what he has done, still he is one of us.

    If Nepali Media thinks that it is a “Media-War” as I think it is, why don’t you provide some clip of Tinker, Mechi, Dodhara and other to the International Community.
    We are all aware that our leaders are “good-for-nothing” piece of shit. It is, now, the media that we can trust on. I am really impressed with the “SLC” (Sakdo Lekhaun Chorera) clip. Please O Please don’t let us down.

  11. narayan on

    i guess paras want to come and join with the neplese people so he is trying to say sorry with us, he want to become a politicion and he made this propoganda to become hero of the country, actully he did not do anything just it is a dirty political game, try to understand his game

  12. ram krishna on

    aba k garos ta ni nepal ma paisa kamauna aba murti nai baki chhainan kei ta garnai paro ni.

  13. Hem bahadur pandey on

    Every time why india blame accused to nepal&nepalies ?It means india wants to take huge benefit to our pooverty,poor felloship indian politics &that kind of leaders who are in ashame goverment to us now .Who win the people vote they are opposite out of goverment of nepal it mean s there is weak leadership &weak politics weak goverment of nepal as like a toy of india india playing to them so they have no any ashame so india accused to us like this many times & to others blame .we knew that nepal goverment made by indian ambassader.see makune sarkar greejas politics &their families politics.its the good time to take huge benefit to india what india wants happening to nepal&acceped all kind of indian demand indian worshiper nepali leaders.SO INDIA IS SECCES TO NEPAL THIS SITUATION .SO BECAREFULL NEPALI POLITICS LEADERS &INDAIN GAME TO NEPAL ONE DAY WHEN WE WILL EB GETTING BLOOD TO HIT TO US THEN NEPALIINDIAN WORSHIPER LEADERS&INDIA MUST BE GET HUGE TROUBLE COMMING NEXT FUTURE.THE time will be come to us ,think think think do not try tothinking bad to nepal &nepalies ok ok if anybody any country opposite to uor natoin &to us beside to you thers ok.

  14. Yudin Pradhan on

    This is overwhelming situation. First of all think the attitude of India to Nepal. When the colliation betweent he political parties becomes week, Nepal is being attacted by Indian Security forces, Media and and Madhes based political parties. How the Regional based political party got birth in Terai???? I feel shame on nepalese political leaders. Some times I feel shame on myself because I cant speak proudly that nepalis politics are doing like this that, we r doing this good that good being dependent on ourself blabla. Political Parties are saying we r bounded by India from three side and china from northen, but in reality we r not bounded physically, we r bounded mentally. If we really want to be saved or want to save our nations soverignity, lock the border as locked in northernside of nepal. We are also attached with China but why we need visa to go China and why we dont need to go India. It is because India wants our country to make playground. Again there should be another treaty between Nepal and India with the provision of Boarder lock and Visa process for in and out from India and Nepal. We hav all resources and we can utilize properly if the political condition comes in status-co. We r mentally locked not land locked. We need to give the rit to International court everything and government should initiate for that. There should come political coaliation to fight against Indian Policy. Specially Nepali Congress, CPN Maoist (United) and CPNUML should be coaliated and agreed for the sake of nation. Otherwise ur identity will be collapsed and because of U political leaders we all nepali citizen are being collapsed.

    Really all propandaganda done by India is creating the sparcle in my heart.

    Shameless political leader.

  15. usa on

    paras ko aafno business style ho ni paisa kamuna ghada lay aafno phurko ko ra nepal desh ko eejat tha pahailay ni phali shako chha ni
    paras lay world ma name rakhana ko laghi yasho gharako hola thara selife manchha ko bichar nai testo huncha
    aabha yo kura ssacho ho bhena nepal government lay paras lai pashi ko sajaya denu parchha natha nepal ko weakness ma aaru desh lay advantage linchhan.ani poltical leaderharu ko k india lay j bhena pani j ghara pani k hi gharna sakdainan tha simana michhada pani chup laghana leader haru aafno lagi mathra leader hun janta ra desh ko laghi k ghartha ra.nepali haru lay phurka ra desh ko nam rakhna sabai lai government ko weakness ko against ghara voice raise gharnu parchha.kina nepal ko daily naramro news mathra sunnu parchha desh ko bikash chai khailay huna ni?????????????????????????????????????????………..

  16. laxmi sapkota on

    fucking parash family

  17. rabindra kc on

    o.o broo uyou doing vary nice is ok nepal is kike that

  18. Drink Till U Puke on

    Thikcha Thikcha good news laye hunchha parash lai india ko jail ma shale kutte dhoti muji hum nepali ko parash nai chaiye kuttey shale tesaile hami sabai le miley ra fhaley ho kutte ko loog shale laija muji parash lai tima harru ko jail ma lagayera paal muji tiyo parash nepali hoina tai muji dhoti ko khaluck ho so take it easy we got no objection hahahahahahahahahahahah hami BG chau hamro desh naya banaunu so ma saraa nepali lai k bhanchhu bhaney yo kura ma kunnai interest dinnu hunna fhalay ko kura dhoti le uthaucha so forget this shit hahahaahhahahahah hami lai matlaab chaina muji Parash lai phone gaar ki tetai singapore tira samaatna ja oye kutte loog suckchas bhaney tiyo muji gyane lai pani laija alli daami scandel creat garayra ok eheheheheh

  19. Sagar on

    Nothing is true,,,it is just India’s another step towards her grand design…….
    ………………………………………नेपालमा बसेर नेपाली जस्तै भएर भारत को लागि लेन्डुप दोर्जे को भूमिका निभाउन नेपाली खास्टो भिरेका भारतीय नेता हरु तछाड र मछाड गर्दै छन्………..सुद ले सिधै अर्को अभियान थालेर झा लाइ नेपाली मा सपथ नखान र हिन्दी भाषा लाइ कायम राख्न लाई आदेश दिएको रहेछ, त्यो नर-पिचास ले,,,,त्यो २ पैसा को मान्छे राजदूत ले…………..अब उसको काम कसरि हुन्छ नेपाल को नेता लाई लेन्डुप दोर्जे ले जस्तै गरि जसरि सिक्किम दुष्ट भारत लाई हस्तान्तरण गर्यो त्यहि अपेक्षा गरिरा छ………तर यो सबै को grand design गर्ने भारत का दुष्ट शासक हरु ;; नेहरु, इन्दिरा गान्धी, राजिब गान्धी, अनि अहिले सम्म का सबै महा-दुष्ट शासक हरु दिन दुइ गुणा रात चौगुणा गरेर नेपाल लाई भारत को प्रान्त बनाउन का लागि सुद जस्ता हतियार हरु पथैराखेका छन्………………. नेपालका कुलान्घर नेता हरु भारत को त्यो कदम लाई सार्थक बनाउन लाई तछाड-मछाड गरि उनीहरु को पाऊ मोल्दै भनेबमोजिम गरिराखेका छन्……………२००७ साल को काण्ड, २०१७ साल को काण्ड, शान्ति-क्षेत्र को प्रस्ताब काण्ड, २०४६ साल को काण्ड, गिरिजा शक्ति मा आउने काण्ड, मदन भण्डारी काण्ड, माओबादी काण्ड, नारायणहिटी काण्ड, गिरिजा ले आधा देश बेचेको काण्ड, नदि-नाला काण्ड, ज्ञानेन्द्र हटाउने काण्ड, जातियता काण्ड, मधेश-काण्ड, पशुपतिनाथ-काण्ड, पारस-काण्ड, सिमाना-काण्ड देखि सबै काण्ड हरु भारत कै चाहना बमोजिम का हुन् जुन भारत को नेपाल गाभ्ने grand design को लागि सरल पार्ने काम हरु नेपाल को नेता को खास्टो भिरेका नेपाल का महा-शत्रु हरु बाट गराइराखेको छ…………………………………
    जय पशुपतिनाथ-जय शम्भो,
    जय नेपाल/नेपाली जनता-भाषा……………………..
    महा-शत्रु भारत—-मुर्दाबाद
    भारत को लागि काम गर्ने नेपाल का सबै RAW का agent हरु(चाहे नेता को रुप होस् या अरु कुनै रुप का )————–मुर्दाबाद

    • raj on

      u r absolutely good man
      keep it up…….

  20. sandai on

    nepali army hoina?india ma vayeka army le nepal ko bare ma suni rhiko6,nun ko sojho gareko6 .uslai gorkhali ris uthyo vane india ka sabai nepal mathi eye laune le tesye ta chod daina.gorkhali ragt kasto6 sayed india lai pani krib2 taha6.belai ma hos pua india.

  21. sandai on

    nepali army hoina?india ma vayeka army le nepal ko bare ma suni rhiko6,nun ko sojho gareko6 .uslai gorkhali ris uthyo vane india ka sabai nepal mathi eye laune le tesye ta chod daina.gorkhali ris kasto6 sayed india lai pani krib2 taha6.belai ma hos pura india.

  22. d....a on

    sale paras chor des chor talai rok tero kti liyara hini casino jani jo payo tyolai ref garni moj garni din gayo aba talai bato ma bhetyo bhane tero las matra pugni cha gharma bugissssssssssss ali careful sanga hid hai ntra sadai ko lagi nargama janu parla sale hatyara haru dai mara ko chora tero blood ko bali dina chanchu ma bugisssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss chor dakka killar play man we hate u

  23. Gajurel B P on

    I agree with you Reporter now it’s the time to speak about Indian domination towards Nepal, Nepalese people and Nepalese leadership. All the dignities, leaders and nepalese citizen should integrate and speak about this matter. It’s the matter of dignity Nepal and Nepalese people. Its all like ooralo lageko mirga lai baccho le pani lakhetcha bhaneko jastai ho.

  24. pooja on

    paras lai jel ma jo rakhnu par6 india or nepal gene lai pani togather/ do not thinking in the country be self only birendra matra desh ko lagi 30% thinking garthe gene le ajh 15 year ma afai fashi lagau6 parsh lai morder gar6n bharat basi lebirendra famly ko blood tatna suru bhayo kya sathi ho!!!

  25. unknown on

    whhy dont you think friends this paras and his family are thives and dont you realize that they are selling our country for money.why you blame the our neighbouring country india.i dont think its the fault of indian newsmedia,but anyway they have to proof.

  26. you on


  27. biky boy on

    they must be kidding most of the news are fake. some people belive some people don’t belive.

  28. Arayans on

    parash kina india mathra ko paisa nakhali ur the don of under world
    plz take revange on whole world n give ur name n fame in the world hai tha demon bless u hai tha?……………..

  29. comment on

    India le Nepal lai Bishwo samu naramro banauna khojeko ho yo. Ra India le Bishwo samu Paras ko bato bhayera jhan dherai Nakaratmak soch banaundai cha…”100 ma 99 baeman ra pani bharat mahan” bhane jastai yahan dekhaiyeaka indian beiman haru bhayera Nepal ko Beijat gardai cha ani Nepal Sarkar ko khilli udandai cha….

  30. prakashkharel on

    yo nepal ma phasi hunu parthyo, ra ani matra shanti hunthyo yo nepal ma. sabai bhanada pahila chi ganendra ra parash lai phasi hunu parthyo. and only nepal in great and god n papular .

    • raj on

      fuck u prakash kharel dimag chhhhaina ki k ho?

  31. nima sherpa on

    sabai banda pahile ta prakash kharel lai phasi dinu parthe

  32. suvas tanahune on

    sadhai mareko dhotile nepali lai thagcha bhanne suneko thea tara aaja 1 jana nepalile sara india lai ra sara dhoti harulai thageko sunda ati ati ati khusi lago. paras babu lai nepal sarkarle puraskar dinu parcha.
    yadi yo kura sacho ho bhane.
    yedi sacho hoina bhane indiako media lai 1 by 1 garera fasi dinu parch.

  33. jpt on

    FUCK INDIA, FUCK INDIAN MEDIA, FUCK INDIANS, and FUCK NEPALIS who just dont use a bit of their brain to analyse news and trust them blindfolded… media le ta j ni bhancha aaja tes maathi DHOTI KO NA BHAYO!!
    btw I wish i could do that and make India damadol… just ha8 India..grrr

  34. Rahul Kamal on

    I Enjoy Guys Reading Comments…..!!!!!

  35. paras might b bad guy but indian fucking shits are more freaking bad then paras. on

    hey indians are f.. bastered and they even dont know their own leader are also in the channel of fake money.If they said paras is involved in making fake money without any proof we can say indias president manmohan singh is also making US doller and the right hand of underworld. So dont beleive them because world hates india. jaya nepal

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