नेपाली राजनितीका छ जना हिपहप खेलाडिहरु

नेपाली राजनितीका छ जना हिपहप खेलाडिहरु


Funny PIC hahaha

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  1. laxmi nakarmi on

    Yi sabai jokar haru rakhera Yeuta Cinema(Film) banauna man lagyo.Film ko naam ” bhaai Fute Ganwar Loote”.Chayankan garne thalo(Shooting spot)Kathmandu nagar.Kehi shooting Tarai tira pani huna sakne chha.

    • nepalithitoo on

      hoinna jaslle banayeeko ho photo sahii chha yaar,,,,,,,,,yini haru nai huun napali politics ma hippop gaunne haru……iini gainee harulau ta gaunna nasnne banaunu parchha hami sabai jana nepali harule……tara aniways aaba iinu haruko scene nai unscene banauparchha…..bhananananananananaa…………………

  2. Nepali on

    Sabai chor haru po rahechhan ta.

  3. RAJEEV on


  4. Sandip on

    Only Dr.babu ram is good man

  5. sudhir on

    sabai lai bhaneko ta thikai ho tara shree 5 maharaj dhiraj lai je paye tei chai bhaneko thik lagena malai je bhaye pani uha hamro raja hun ra malai lagcha raja bhane ko ishwor ko roop hun
    jai desh jai naresh

    • Neer Aarjan on

      kanti tyo expired (lash) naresh ko maya garya bro. aakhir mahadev jasto le bokeki sati devi ko lash ta kuhiyara turka tukra bhayara sakiyin haina ra.

      • anup on

        hahaha la yo sale gada rajabadi raichha .ani dude raja geda ko bhagwan jasle bhai maryo tyo k ko ishwor atleast ramro sanga lekhne kosis gara mitra natra jyan le dokha khala .

  6. bikku on

    oohoo motherfucker haru ta lastai dami hippop pics ma 6ni..hawaldar(girija)macks(makunay)pranchanda(pusseycat)ra ganu solti ta aati dami poj ma6 ni….i like this bastered haru ko pics…..hahahahh….

  7. anil on

    EMINEM ko bhanda kam chaina ba.. hamro NEPALI CHOR HIPHOP TEAM

  8. sajan on

    sabai chor haru la yasto lagauda ramrai cha.

  9. unfaith on

    nepal’s MOST WANTED dalal no1 ko photo jasto lagyo…ani maasu katne kasai jasto pani lagyo…ko hun iniharu?kahi dekhe jasto lagyo….

  10. mnbhdty on


  11. karki on

    अरु जे भने पनि मेरो ग्रेट मेन डा. बाबुराम लाई केही पनि न भन हो। साथी हो। उनी त नेपाल मै छ जन हिप होप खेलदी भन्दा पनि नम्बर १ हिट मान्छे पो त। साथी हो यो ब्लग म इनी हरु को फोटो त राख्ने idea राम्रो गरेको रहेछ तर gaynendra
    को फोटो न राख्नु पर्ने। ही इज नट अ मेन, ही इज अ वोमन ।।।।।।।।।।होइन त ।।।।।

  12. BAJE on


  13. tulsi on

    The most weird person in this pic is gyane chor; a human slaughter. koiralo and makune are thinking about how to nourish themselves and their daughters.Slurred Shere has no definition. Only Prachanda and Baburam think about nation but Baburam is better.

  14. Hem bahadur pandey on

    I saw these cartoon.Igot some laugh but there is not suitable to included nation worshiper grate man baburam &littlebit prachanda.Yes we are knew that they are maoist &thinking about nation &napalies .We can see prachanda was a teacher&baburam phd many subjects so he can adjust every where utiliesed his mind &get enough dallar getting comfortable high standered life as like to others phd peoples to foriegnor to nepalbut they are struggling their whole life &their families for country &poorest people to there .so they win the people vote but still living country lootera &indian worshipers koiralas families &their felloships madans killer makune kp oli phattaha ghapali .now thwy are enjoying him wife biddya whore she is the cauese death about madan.Ifwe want to see develope our country &peace we have to need to forget principle politics of india to leave worship the indian felloship leaders then to destroy all koirala families politics to nepal.I mean we have to need to kill greja ,makune kp oli,sujatawhore then to grasp their property sen d to jail then to utilised their property to invest to developing plane rural area ok thats the good for nepal.

  15. Hem bahadur pandey on

    We are waiting who will be do that but every selfish people can not do that.IN my view every time india used the gotti that kind of leaders who are worshiping to them every time what india want to nepal thats the cause to worse to nation &nepali people.still poor nepali people can not understant to themself.Why Why?may be poor &ilitterate,uneducated.What time they will be decide to correct to themself &better thinkin g to the nation? Thats the worse of nepal.

  16. ramesh on

    very good but baburam and parchanda is nice person…sathi haru nepal ma gana tantra lyaune nai tini hun …..ra nepalko hit ma kamgarne nai tini hun …..timi haru kahin pani ho ……..desma wellcome garne ooohi hun baburam and parchanda
    they can make our country but otheres leader can make india…so just parchanda and baburam ok….

  17. Aakash Gaihre on

    aru sab thik 6 tara prachanda ra baburam ko photo nahuna parne.

    • kanchi on

      What reply do u want to give them all the hip up in this photos ha man.

  18. om on

    Oh Hi freinds, Some of you talk abt the favour of Baburam and Prachanda. I agrred that , In nepal GADATANDA established because of Maiost guys but think about the lawleness , Terrosits in terrai(Ex moist), also think about close down of industries , school all because of their division concepts. Every where there is conflicts all bcoz of them. After killing more than 13 peoples , what positive symtoms they showed during their 9 months ruling period in the nations. Pls do think it carefully. If we r not able to think who all are culprit. Time will come to relaze when the conrty is divided. Time will come to see Nepal and Nepalese name will be out of the world map this all bcoz of great design of Prachanda and other maiost gusy for their self benefit. But , i dont mean to say other guys are good . But in comparision to maiost guys they r quiet innocent. As at least they didnt kill 13 hundred peoples on the name of civil suprimacy and gadatnatra.

    • bulu on

      money… rupees,, dollar,, euro
      i m the only nepali hero
      i rob my nation, i fill my account
      i can sell nepal on heavy discount
      no time for development no time for poors
      do not come to meet me, i have closed my doors
      r u a foriegner?? u r welcome
      my nations broker i have become..

      i think its a best rap for these fuckers… jai nepal..

  19. kiran raj on

    very good.kya manako kura khulayako raichha ba nikai majja lager aayo.prachanda ko juga rakhna parne thiyo ajha majjha huntyo.who make it thank you very much. pachhi pachhi pani lyaudai garnu la.

  20. rupak on

    i am missing there

  21. Krish on

    MALI TA auta remix git po banaunu paryo yo hiphop Poltices ka gayak haru sanga boru git koh name chai, POLTICES KHELNE DIN SAVAI GAYEEEEEEEEEEEE, yo git ma dance garna chai GIRJA ane rap hanna chai,GANENDRA aru chai MUSICAN.

  22. chitra on

    As per my view to this picture i think all person of the picture are not hip up but they are really trying to be hip up . But than also they are hip up in the picture, any way i am missing u all the hip up guys in Nepal.

  23. milan on

    ye ko holan bhaneko ta ahile ka jalda balda shoor na na tal ka parkhyat singer haru po raichan……….

  24. bertram on

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  25. raro on

    tada bay

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