Documentaries of Nepali king Birendra

Documentaries of Nepali king Birendra

Click here to watch Part 1

Click here to watch Part 2

Click here to watch Part 3

Click here to watch Part 4

के यो भिडियो कल्पनिक हो ?

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  1. madan khanal on

    Hi iam from USA,i am refugee from Jhapa..i like this vedio..thanx for vedio..i hope u send more this type of vedio..

  2. Rajendra bhattarai on

    this is fake videos. i dont belive this videos.

  3. you on

    haina aafo baba ;laee pani kasaile marchara? i don`t belive this vidio!!!!!!!korea

  4. brishal on

    plez dont keep this video… this is all fake.. we know all that….

  5. CR.Rai on

    यो भिडीयो 110 प्रतिशत नै काल्पनिक हो,रियल भिडीयो बनाईरहने मौका नै कस्ले पायो होला र? यदि यो भिडीयो रियल हुन्थ्यो भने आज सम्म यस घटना को सत्य तथ्य पत्ता लागि सक्दथ्यो,होइन र???

  6. CR.Rai,JPN on

    वाइहात समचार हरु दिएर प्रेस हरुले जनता को आखामा छारो अनि त्रास फैलाउने प्रयास मात्रै गरिरहेका छन,आखीरी रियल नै भए पनि त नेपाल को सरकार ले के नै पो गर्न सक्ने रहेछ र???

  7. A.B. USA on

    Hey It’s all about fake.Nepalese People better know about reality.Who killed Birendra’s whole family.It was said that Our latest Priminister(Makune) is trying to find about this reality.So let it be.What he will do about it.

  8. bijay on

    this is unbelieveable and created by indians. coz it is their character to act as they know everything.

    waiyaat !!

  9. kalpana on

    plez dont keep this video… this is all fake.. we know all that….
    this is fake videos. i dont belive this videos

  10. ramu kandel on

    i dont belive this videos.

  11. just90 on

    hey…mob wat going on…this video is reconstructed by fucking indians and furthermore it’s upto peolpe whether they believe this creativity of bullshit story making and script writing …bottom line truth still has to be dug out from the guts…

  12. santos on

    The fake VIDEO in the world… Pls take out the video from the website…

  13. mnbhdty on

    WE ALL KNOW GANANDRA AND PARAS ARE THE KILLER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. pooja on

    hello tv channel bhavak fokat ma kina halungo hunuhn6 yar baru bazar ma mula bechnu hos ok!!

  15. bikas on

    I donno what the fucks problem with these tramps…… if they r fuking nepalese what do they wanna tell the world with this documentary……. they just fuking taking the piss of the late king and his family, nepal and the nepalese common they r dead now let them rest peacefully in heaven…………….. thats why i think all the histories are fake stories…….

  16. saroj on

    really funny make a one film

  17. 12345 on

    fuck the guy who made this video……….this is duplicate.

  18. raj silwal ( texas) on

    hay this is raj from the tx, US and nobody belive this video and plese dont keep this fake video no more because no body belive this ok……….

  19. navaraj on

    fuck that gyes who make this one belive this video.

  20. Ramsey on

    What the Hell……….. All this Crap Documentary of KING BIRENDRA’S family is BIG lies.. whoever made this movies to do the business.
    We as a Nepalese People know who are the behind this Royal massacre! dont spread the Rubbish news by this sort of FAKE f****in movie.

  21. nabin on

    sakti aphno hatma vayeka bhusuna harule sachai lukauna gareko yeuta asaphal prayas matrai ho.

  22. nabin on

    please please remove this video from the website…… doesnn’t give the real information and now i think the boss of this site is also connected with the man who made this video.

    and the media people of nepal please study well and then published the news…….think that? what kind of message will spred with your news videos and if it gives the wrong information then immediately remove your videos

    see the comments and all nepali knows what was happen so what the fucking meanning to published this kind of videos?
    haku from france

  23. nepali on

    aba pani yas rahasya maya gatana ko khulasa bhayena bhane kahile pani hunna. Dui carod janta ko agadi ti dui rakshys raja bhayeko dekhda achamma lagcha yatro janata ko agadi dui aparadhi kai jeet bahracha .common people wake up now common

  24. Sagar on

    Yo sabai South-Block, Girija, Paras ko kam ho………..

  25. Sagar on

    Yo sabai::: South block, Girija, Prajwal Shamsher, Paras bhaera Raja Birendra ko bansha nash gareko ho……….No doubt at all……………….

  26. dev on

    , hey mother fucker, what’s fucking video, What do you think of us, It is fake. fuck you uploader.

  27. nepal on

    You are a liar dont earn popularity by putting the fake video. if u wanna get popular then why cant u tell the real truth.

  28. prabal dhakal on

    hi, everyone i am from texas, usa.babu ram bhatrai and prachanda are killer of the royal family. i know no body knows behind this black secret, but anyway dont worry when i will be the president of nepal i am gonna take out the fact from their ash dump or undigestable belly

  29. Arjun on

    ma yo video banauchu tara tes ma malai bachaune jimma kas le lincha, video ko starting gynendra le suru ma maobadi laio sayog gare ko bata suru huncha . Doshi ko ko hunchan afain guess garrnus..

  30. shardy on

    man what the fu@k this is alll fake man…….. we know about video editing software it cost like 100 buck in walmart i can make myself anybody….. all fake more fake than wrestling

  31. radha on

    kasto fucking video rahecha machikne radhi ko chora haru kasto kaam na paune rahe cha yaar,,,,,,,,radi ko baan sale chutya indian haru kaam paudaina ani chikadai film banau dai garcha radi ko chora haru ma chikne,,,,,,,yedi sachikai bhaye ko bhyae ta on the spot kasle yesto video banau ne time kasle payo hola ni randi haru le

  32. manish gurung on

    hamaro raja ko lagi madiya la kkkkkkkkkkk garako cha

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