सावधान्!! नेपाली माफिया बाट ।

सावधान्!! नेपाली माफिया बाट ।
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Please report us if this video doesn’t play..

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  1. Hem bahadur pandey on

    Now whore failer leader makune &their indian worshipers are going to surrender to indian leaders nepals virous to give prizen which is we have now .See makune already sold our mahakali river to taken huge sack of ic &to dominient nepal &innocent nepalies .They are going to surrender all things to india cause all napali congres main leader greeja koirala &their felloships uml makune &their other leaders really they are gotti of india thy are trying to finish our nation &nationlities .One day time will be come we have to need to finish to them that kind of leaders &their worshipers by innocent nepalies &to take pour to soot to indian whore which are harm to us .

  2. Hem bahadur pandey on

    India wants to nepal &nepalies to grasp as like a playing game cat &rat at last india used that kind of nepalies whore leaders &to make a nepal to their state .All nepalies &nation rulling like this getting worse day by day nationliesed .so main worse is greejas families politics to us past &now SEE greeja wants to likes this kind of politics .thats to much danger to nepal &nepalies.we have to need to care about this all in time .Stupid son of beach leader greeja is going to be young when he will be finish the nation &nationlities then he will be die otherwise yamraj can not take to him cause he has got medicine by india.

  3. HemDai (HK) on

    Thanks to canadanepal.net, we are able to watch manymore vedio files by internet sve in overseas. But some of files (vedio) couldn’t open, why? please try to make sure and easy way to open all the files, which are posted by website. The technical failer or other problems? eg: the interview with magne buda, pabankali show or manymore vedioes, we are not yet able to watch in internet sevice.

  4. bihgstr on


  5. p rai on

    I am very upset cause whenever i want to see news video it never open.Don’t try to make us mad again.

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