सभासद को लागि स्कुल बन्दा गरीयो

सभासद को लागि स्कुल बन्दा गरीयो..

Click here to watch the news video

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  1. Nepali on

    E sabai chor hun eniharu lai ratna park ma lagera nun khorsani dhalera marnu parchha.

  2. jasmin on

    chor chor talai marchu

  3. Yudin Pradhan on

    To all members of SELF HELP
    and Nepali citizen

    In Reality Mr. Eknath Dhakal id the director of the NGO Named “”SELF Help””. This organization has more than 10,000 members all over the nepal. We can see the peoples selling different goods like pen diary note book in many places of kathmandu like jawalakhel, singha durbar, ratna park. these people requests us to buy the goods with them for the help of helpless students study. More than 10000 people are running for that program per day. if they sell only one pen perday that sell will be nearly Rs.3,50,000 per day. And profit will be around Rs.2,00,000. Now we can Imagine how much they accumulate per week/permonth/per year. If u ask those rode members they will tellthat 20 students are studying from this money. How much sercastic the situation is how much money he is collecting and what is he doing with that money???????????? So I request Akhtiyar to look after him. He is the must fraud INGO runner of the Nepal.

    With Regards

  4. Nepali Choro on

    Hi can u send me the link of this video, I am seraching on the web but could not able to find it. Thank you

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