भत्किनै लाग्यो बृदाश्रम खोइ त उचित समाधान ?

Nepali News -भत्किनै लाग्यो बृदाश्रम खोइ त उचित समाधान ?

Click here to watch the news video

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  1. Ganesh on

    when i seen these video i became so sad and wants to do somethink to them if i get any chance as well as some donation. if those people or organization make so fund rais program for that than we can solv these problem. let’s do now. coz i m ready.

    • canadanepal on

      good thinking …Ganesh we have to think like that and we need to help them……

  2. Meg Thapa (California USA) on

    Im also happy with the point of GANESH ji. see how is the condition of our parents who have done many many good things for our country . they dont want any things more than shelter and food. but our government cant even think for these. as GIRGA KOIRALA is also the same like these parents but wat he can think about them. He have everything but than also he wants some more things till now. the government of nepal must do something for them with in 24 hours because its too late. if the government of nepal cant do any thing for them then the nepal government can sell these old peoples to other countries, then they cna get some better life and the government can get a lot of money toooooooooooooo…………………………. after that we dont have to see these old peoples crying . jai nepal

  3. maya thapa on

    Exactly…..so lets do something for them.

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