हरियो बन चोर को धन पो रहेछ त ..

हरियो बन चोर को धन पो रहेछ त …

Click here for the video part 1

Click here for the video part 2

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  1. rock on on

    when i saw this video for the first time,,i was shocked,,,coz,,,money makes,,people,,to commit crime,,and the district baard was shocking ,,it was written,,madeshi sarkar,,,wat the hell is this,,,it should be,,nepal sarkar,,,jaslae,,,j garda pane,,hunchha NEPAL ma,,aaba,,coming generation ko,lagi pane,think garnu parchha sab lae,,world ma global warming ko kura hudai chha,,nepal ma deforestation for the shake of money,,,the people sitting at the tope level do much crime like this,,,forset is for all not for the district office,,,,aaba,,the title,,haree yo baan,,choor ko dhaan is very suitable,,,coming geneartion lae,,tero dad ta,,choor bhana hai,,,BEAWARE OF that,,this goes to the staff in that office,,,,,

  2. nirbik rai on

    the globele warming going 2 increase day by day in da earth.but nepalease forest looter cutting our tree 4 a small amount.its really shamefull matters 4 us.in fact we have need 2 save our jungle more then our own life.according 2 dis news the ranger is a main looter in dis case.so why going late 2 chap their hand by people of there.our khukri still srap rit ? dont b late cut both hands those invloved such stupid matter.

  3. udaya on

    Those animals did not comit crime without political blessings so wakeup people save your forest cntribute your time to save earth planet punish and teach them serious lession,

  4. khem raj paudel on

    ramro kam garnu parao na ta hami pani ta kam garekaa chham ni ta

  5. shristi on

    biger robbery uttam acharya.i saw him in vedio.government must arrest him as soon as possible.

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