Interview with jhala nath khanal and ram chandra poudel

Interview with jhala nath khanal and ram chandra poudel

Click here to watch part 1

Click here to watch part 2

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  1. rajesh bhandari on

    while watching both the prominent personality of two political parties during the interview, i personaly observed that amale is a puppet of congress. poudel seems to me as less patriotic. congress itself is not patriotic as per my analysis. the law keepers of nepal have achieved high posts as a blessing from girija, so they can never do justice. gentle to the political influenced criminals and cruel to innocent citizens because otherwise they would no longer get the further blessing. girija is the biggest tryant, proof as follows. never cared for the party, always dictated as to who should be who, mostly favoured to his relation, sujata the most lowly personality speaks out aloud of this. does this mean there are no other qualified politician. he himself at the verge age hungry for the chair. isn’t it right time for him to train younger generation by sharing his experience, why should he himself die for the chair? what can this sickly man do? what benefit did he give to himself in his long priministership? where did he take our NATION? he only taught to beg. so congress can never build our nation. nor any other party unless they are ready to sacrifice themselves for the sake of our NATION and not chair. unless a patriotic party with partiotic politican rise, no betterment for the NATION only for the politicans. how have so many politicians become so rich just in a short time.

  2. nirbik rai on

    yes i also agreee with mr rajesh bhandari 4 dis comment.e-male n congreesh both of useless party in nepal.they r really idiot party 4 our country.they have nothing any sence of urgency, if they have why they forgeting murder of their great leaders madan bhandari n jiwa raj asrith ? why bidya bhandari also quited such a things ? is this enough minister post 4 her ? is c happy 4 dis businesse ? in fact this party leaders wants their post is very shamfull dat they saying they r a communist.hahhhhhhha r they communist ? i think they r a communist without a their dont talk any noncenc matters mr jhala come u did not became a pm of neapl ? is dis right, is,n it?

  3. prakash limbu on

    hey guys…..

  4. Mili on

    Kamai nalagne hutihara neta ho yo Ramchandre

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