देश को माटो खोज्दै हामी नेपाली सुस्ता मा ।

देश को माटो  खोज्दै हामी नेपाली सुस्ता मा ।

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  1. zenit6h on

    aba dharai din china sabai nepal india huna …. bista rai bista rai lagnu bhanda akai chuti lagnu ne sabai … ali bikas po garcha ki aila ka neta haru bhanda ….

  2. pooja on

    hey india ko zenit6h kutta ke bole ko dimag thikma6 ta jasto kukur lai nepali bhanne dhikkar6 (fucking men set up)

  3. rock on on

    wat the hell is indian govt doing in nepal….its seems.,,they are trying to control over nepal..leaders in nepal are fully dependent on the india,,this is aganist the people but,,wat can we do,,coz,,govt is govt,,all the documents have to be,,done from the political issue,,,rising the problem for the political establishment has become a fashion in nepal….the delicates from india,,visit nepal in a dramatic way,,n so do the nepalese,,,i think both th leaders in the table talk the amount to be palced on the swiss or world bank,,rather than giving emphasis on the current issues,,,the leaders,in nepal are very much fucking..they dont have the feeling towards thier nation,,,in current situation they r busy in fighting,,,n,,wat a silly followers,,we have for the political leaders,,all thing is money,,,,,money changes mind,,,,really,,,this problem have to be solved very quickely,,,,,otherwise the people dwelling in susta,,upcoming generation will be in delimma,,in the sense,,they think they are nepalese or indian,,,,,

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